BuildBestVirtual3dCity Launches First online 3D Advertising Space

Released on = June 19, 2006, 12:43 am

Press Release Author = Hascak Rene

Industry = Internet & Online

Press Release Summary = The site is the first online advertising website with focus
on online 3D pixel advertising. The new site was created to take the idea online
pixel advertising to a completely new dimension.

Press Release Body = sells 3D advertising space in the
form of 3D Buildings which can be bought. The 3D advertising space is designed as a
biggest virtual 3D City.

Why 3D?

There are many websites on the Internet, which offer the advertisement \"pixel\"
space. All these websites offer the same simplicity. is
completely something different!

To have the building, 3D space with own advertisement in the best and the biggest
virtual space will be an important milestone of development and use of the Internet

Users are allowed to select 3D advertising Building and the property they wish to
buy. They can also just place advertisements on the website.
On this website we would like to build the Best and the Biggest virtual 3D City on
the Internet and to give the chance to be a part of it.
The reason why we sell 3D buildings is that we give the chance to anybody to have a
place in the best and the biggest virtual 3D City. We believe that with your
coparticipation this 3D City will become a big part of the Internet history. We are
curious how this 3D City will look like in 5 years.

Building of 3D City is divided into more construction stages. You may be just now
among the first \"builders\". Everybody is welcome to have a house or even a

On the main page you may have a virtual walk in 3D City. You may use the mouse or
keyboard for navigation. Every house or building has different colour or picture and
you may click on it and go to the adviser\'s home website.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Hascak rene
Tehelna 9/A
91700 Trnava

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