Corporate America vs Work Life Balance

Released on = June 29, 2006, 2:01 pm

Press Release Author = Susan Poirier

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = The single most important asset is any business is people.
Many businesses are finding it more difficult to motivate, encourage, retain, and
recruit quality staff, while optimizing productivity.

Press Release Body = Many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to
motivate, encourage, retain and recruit their staff, while optimizing productivity.
One of the keys to satisfied and efficient employees is work/life balance.

Due to societal changes, business culture, and employer expectations, personal time
has decreased, and work time has seeped into personal time. Lunch time, which once
was a relaxing diversion from work, has become a "Rush'N'Chow" experience, often in
a cubicle.

According to Joe Santana, the message sent to employees is:

.Life and business have gotten tougher
.You've got to work longer hours at a tougher pace
.Skip meals and breaks
.Skip vacations
.Spend less time with family and friends
.Pass over the invitation to play tennis or golf with your friends
.Be manic and make the workplace, your place of worship, your home, your hobby

All of these factors lead to emotional and physical stress for the employer, the
employee, and their families. There are higher rates of absenteeism, difficulties in
retaining or recruiting quality staff, increased family stress, depression, loss of
productivity, and a general feeling of lack of balance and joyfulness.

-Nearly 50% of all US workers feel overwhelmed by a growing number of job tasks and
longer work hours. Family and Work Institute 2001

The structure of the modern family has dramatically changed and diversified. The
traditional family had two jobs, one paid (father) and one not (mother). Today,
there are three jobs held by two parents - two paid wage earners, and one unpaid for
the care giving and household responsibilities. Monster's 2004 Work/Life Balance
Survey concluded that:

- 81% of the respondents said they were unhappy with their work/life balance.

- Mothers in dual earner income homes spend at least 25 hours per week devoted to
childcare,housework, and shopping. This is on top of a 40 hour work week.

NFI Research found that:
- 78% of senior executives and managers say they have 90 minutes or less of personal
time on a typical work day.

- 95% of executives and managers keep a To Do list, yet less than 1% are able to
complete it.

Per Family and Work Institute
- 85% of workers have daily responsibilities to go home too.

National Statistics - Snapshots of Work and Family in America study states:

- The typical middle income married couple works 3,885 hours per year, an increase
of 247 hours or nearly one week more than their counterparts ten years ago.

Finding ways to cope and manage personal tasks has sometimes forced the employee to
use business hours for personal endeavors. Whether it is a few phone calls, Internet
research, or running errands, they are compelled to squeeze in personal items in
their business day, because there just aren't enough hours to take care of their To
Do lists. Susan Poirier, President of Ace Concierge, LLC, states, \"Errand and
concierge services are a great adjunct to corporate benefit packages. They help to
support the staff and assist with work/life balance, enabling the worker to focus on
what is important, rather than on what needs to be done\".

- The average worker admits to "frittering away" more than 2.09 hours a day, not
counting lunch, on personal business. This costs companies an estimated $759
billion. and AOL Survey 2005

Extending errand and concierge services to your staff can help bridge the gap
between personal and professional commitments, thereby reducing the stress and time
constraints placed upon today's harried worker.

They will be able to dedicate their time and energy on the job, vs. worrying about
what is on their long To Do list and what little time they have to complete it.
Their list is not the only concern, your employees want and need some personal time
to decompress, and otherwise escape from the daily "rat race". They need time!

Ace Concierge, LLC is just ONE phone call your employees need to make to solve some
of their work/life balance issues. Employers who take advantage of these types of
services can reduce the day to day stress of their team. The company benefits from a
stronger, relaxed, and more focused employee, who is now free to stay at the office
and not be concerned about running to the dry cleaners, the post office, the grocery
store, making travel arrangements or even ordering flowers. Ace Concierge will have
"accomplished THEIR tasks on OUR time", not yours.

Katherine Giovanni, President of Triangle Concierge states, "If employees are
distracted due to problems and stress at home, their job performance will suffer.
Long hours at work may also cause employees difficulty in running their homes, or
finding time to plan and or have a personal life. Stress can result in illness and
increased sick and personal days, and a loss of productivity."

Supporting your employee's work/life balance is a win-win opportunity. You secure
and retain a contented, strong, dedicated staff, and they gain a little more time in
their day to manage their personal lives and feel a more harmonious balance with
their careers and homelife.

Ace Concierge,LLC located in New Hampshire provides an extensive array of errand and
concierge services, for both the residential and corporate community. Sample
services from Ace Concierge include, but are not limited to: personal shopper,
personal assistant, gift purchases, virtual administrative tasks, video rentals,
elder check-ins, and reminder services.

Ace Concierge will manage your tasks, while you manage your life.

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