Hire on Demand - KPOWEB Announced its Best Practice Offshore Dedicated Hiring Model for Small and Medium Business Entities

Released on = June 27, 2006, 12:59 pm

Press Release Author = KPOWEB Offshore Outsourcing Services

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = Now small and medium IT companies can reduce HR Burdens,
overhead cost and development cost, by hiring a dedicated team or individual
professional who can work on the different projects on rotation basis as and when
required. KPOWEB Offshore outsourcing services offers "Hire on demand" an unparallel
offshore outsourcing model that helps even an individual to hire a virtual team
having own workforce without the overheads.

Press Release Body = New Delhi, India June 29, 2006 -- KPOWEB Offshore Outsourcing
Services (www.kpoweb.com) an independent offshore outsourcing consulting company
announces its revolutionary outsourcing model "Hire on demand" for individuals,
small and medium IT companies.

"Hire on Demand" services allow organizations enough flexibility to hire, test and
manage an individual or a dedicated team of IT professionals on rotation basis as
and when required. This model will help companies who are running Web-based business
processes to reduce their cost from 30% to 70% depending upon the complexity of the

"Most firms struggle to retain in-house talents, to ensure concurrent process we
have developed the model to assist project owners to define and implement an
workable offshore hiring strategy which help them to hire the right talent, at the
right time, and at the right prices" says company's Sr. Executive Mr. Arun Tibrewal.
He added further, dedicated staffing will help an outsourcer to assess the current
state of human resource management, process and implement the system.

Below are certain important factors about successful dedicated hiring model:

* Hire on demand at fixed monthly cost: Project owners will have the benefit of
hiring an individual or a complete team on short term or long term contracts. There
will be flexibility of redeploying the team according to the priorities as it will
work similar to an in-house team.

* No worries about vendor's experience: KPOWEB is promoted by IT professionals who
have years of experience. The outsourcer will have no worries about vendor

* Design in rest out: Unlike traditional project to project based outsourcing this
model shifts a reasonable amount of responsibility to the outsourcer. If vendor is
managing the code they wrote, they will design it well.

* Better transaction relationship: Outsourcer will have ability to mitigate the
early risk. Since contract negotiations are straightforward, it's a lot easier to
manage the project successfully.

* Available on demand: Outsourcer will have flexibility to obtain full or part-time
quality human resource solutions based on current needs, enable them to achieve
flexibility to expand/contract human resources as needed.

* Better control over the project: Most companies choosing dedicated hiring to
leverage lower development costs by outsourcing the development activity. The
project lead/manager used to be a senior architect and used to hire contractors to
develop the codes. To ensure a decent quality and pairing with experienced workforce
gave a good control on the project.

* Dedicated workforce at fixed monthly cost: In this model developer or programmer
has certain responsibilities and minimum monthly commitments. Here the owner can
delegates all activities (except for Requirements) to the Outsourcer.

* Improved customer relationship: Project owner can offload labor intensive work to
offshore virtual team and focus more delivering more values to their clients.

* Improved ROI (Return on Investments): This model will help an outsourcer to
improve ROI by reducing costs, increasing gains, or accelerating gains. Outsourcer
is getting more worth on the monetary investment in the services provided by KPOWEB.

KPOWEB's dedicated personnel allow for the immediate augmentation of your current
staffing needs, which allow owners to meet project construction deadlines without
creating permanent staffing positions.

Prompt placement of personnel on a part-time or full-time service option benefits
your agency by providing your firm the ability to only utilize and pay for the
expertise your business requires.

This revolutionary model of acquiring the talents will be most benefited Startup
companies, Small and medium companies with several projects, or large corporations
looking for setting up supportive work force.

"KPOWEB will facilitate skilled, qualified & low-cost offshore IT & Customer Support
Professionals dedicated to your organization. Weather you are in urgent need of a
qualified team or want to restructure your staffing model, this "Dedicated Staffing"
model can help you get the right resources dedicated to your business needs."

About KPOWEB Offshore Outsourcing Services:

KPOWEB (Established. 2005), www.kpoweb.com, is an offshore outsourcing consulting
company in New Delhi, India, offering offshore dedicated programmers, web
developers, web designers and data research professionals. It has its own
development centers at New Delhi, Noida and Kolkata, who are pioneered in developing
.net (Dot Net) applications. The promoters of the company is having more than 10
years of industry experience and having many satisfied clients at USA, UK, Australia
and Canada. Please visit their website at http://www.kpoweb.com/offshore_hiring.html

Contact Information's:

Mr. Arun Tibrewal
KPOWEB Offshore Outsourcing Services.
311, Agarwal Plaza.
Sector 14, Rohini.
New Delhi - 110085.

Phone: +91-11-9350581140
Website: http://www.kpoweb.com

# # #

Web Site = http://www.kpoweb.com

Contact Details = Mr. Arun Tibrewal
KPOWEB Offshore Outsourcing Services.
311, Agarwal Plaza.
Sector 14, Rohini.
New Delhi - 110085.

Phone: +91-11-9350581140
Website: http://www.kpoweb.com

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