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Press Release Summary = Slow Down! Kids are growing up too fast!

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Stopping Kids from Growing Up Too Fast

Children's Author Encourages Kids To Be Kids

Today's children grow up watching their parents try to keep up with the latest
trends. Instead of looking like normal moms, you see more and more mothers who would
rather look like their daughters. It's no wonder that teens themselves start growing
up much faster. Unlike their parents, however, today's kids strive to look and feel
older. They strive to behave like adults at increasingly younger ages. The trend not
only leaves adults shaking their heads in disbelief, it also can be confusing to
children and rob them of their precious childhoods.

"Kids are growing up too fast and forgetting to be kids," says Nicole Rocheleau,
author of the new book Ollie Ollie in Come Free (Publish America, 2006). "They also
tend to make choices leading them to too much responsibility for their young ages."
She stresses how important it is for kids to be themselves and encourages teens to
use the motto: "The only one to stop you is you."

Peer pressure has always been high, but the pressure to grow up continues to rise
unabated. "Kids would want to stay kids longer if we don't expect them to take on
too much responsibility," says Rocheleau. "When we put too much pressure on them to
make their own decisions, they start deciding what to do with their bodies, their
clothes, their reputations and their choices. There has got to be a happy medium."

Rocheleau feels that one way to combat the peer pressure to grow up too fast is by
encouraging them to read books with positive messages. "Too often today, children
read books with main characters in their age group who are experiencing so much
negativity in their young lives," says Rocheleau. "The books often contain no
parental guidance, no structure, no respect for others, no hope, and no simple clean
fun. I believe that better books offer better choices, and better choices allow for
better friends, better learners, better listeners, better attitudes, and better

Her passionate feelings about this issue led her to write her own book designed for
the 9-12 year-old reader. If you ever wanted to climb a tree, jump over a fence or
jump into a pool with all your "good" clothes on - then you are the perfect
candidate for Rocheleau's book, Ollie Ollie in Come Free.

The main character of the book is Emmy Bolan, a typical 12-year-old girl. She's
insecure, funny, always trying to fit in, and a flare for the adventurous. She has
readers laughing out loud as she gets herself into several totally embarrassing
situations. She has a family that loves her, a best friend who would do anything for
her, and a secret crush. The character of Emmy was loosely based on Rocheleau
herself. Like Emmy, Rocheleau is accident-prone. In fact, she broke over thirty
bones before her thirtieth birthday.

Ollie Ollie in Come Free is Nicole's first book in a promising young reader series
centered around the character of Emmy Bolan. Her books feature strong and modern
female characters as well as meaningful relationships between adults and children.
Appealing to the young at heart, her books are not only written for the 9-12
year-old reader, they are also designed to make readers of all ages laugh out.


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you would like a review copy.

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