Toronto Psychic, Betsy Balega, guest at Toronto Film Fest, July 20th

Released on = June 20, 2006, 11:12 am

Press Release Author = Lisa Shannon

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Toronto Psychic, Betsy Balega, will be the special guest, at
the Short Forms Film Festival, July 20 at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto.

Betsy Balega, is well known for her accuracy, charity, fundraising and was recently
contacted by producers at Court TV to appear on Season 4 of Psychic Detectives.

Press Release Body = Toronto Psychic, Betsy Balega, will be featured, at the Future
Shorts Film Festival, at the Bloor Cinema, in Toronto, July 10th.

Future Shorts is a European Short Film Network dedicated to showcasing entertaining
short films to a wide audience. FS have regular screenings in London, Brussels,
Paris and Bristol, and will shortly be expanding to Manchester, Lisbon and Berlin.

Future Shorts believes that short film (this includes documentary, animation, music
video, drama and experimental) is currently an over saturated market with no
guarantee of quality or substance. There are 1000's of short film festivals with
many of them programming poor films that are shown purely to secure audiences.
Future Shorts acts as a filter finding films that are original, inventive and above
all reliably entertaining. It showcases a mixture of animation, drama, documentary,
experimental and musically themed films and it exposes established directors such as
Mike Leigh, Lynne Ramsey and Ken Loach alongside the most exciting new directors

Web Site =

Contact Details = Lisa Shannon or Betsy Balega
10 Thurloe Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M4S 2K2

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