Compact GSM Gateway with up to eight channels

Released on = July 6, 2006, 5:11 am

Press Release Author = Vierling Communications GmbH

Industry = Telecommunications

Press Release Summary = Vierling introduces the new digital GSM gateway Ecotel

Press Release Body = Ebermannstadt, July 5, 2006.
With the new digital GSM gateway Ecotel ISDN2-2x, companies can significantly reduce
their telephone costs. When connected to the private branch exchange (PBX), the
gateway re-places expensive connections between the fixed network and mobile phones
with economical mobile-to-mobile connections. At the same time, as an alternative to
the DECT method (Digital Enhanced Cordless Tele-communications), the Ecotel ISDN2-2x
makes it possible to use the PBX features "switching between calls" and "announced
call transfer" from the mobile phones of the employees. In addition, the gateway
makes it possible for mobile offices to connect via mobile phone networks. The
ISDN2-2x is based on the proven Ecotel ISDN2-1x. The new system differs from the
earlier one in that it has more GSM channels, intelligent local SIM card management
(SIM switching), and SIM card server integration.

Lowering the phone bill
The most important feature of the Ecotel ISDN2-2x is the savings in tele-phone costs
that it enables. When an employee calls a mobile phone num-ber, the connection is
created via the gateway. In order to do this, the gateway has mobile telephone
modules and SIM cards, and its own an-tenna. Depending on the network selected, the
time of day, day of the week, and similar factors, the gateway automatically uses
the SIM card that has the most economical mobile-to-mobile rate. Similar savings are
realized for incoming calls. The Ecotel ISDN2-2x can be operated either at an
inter-nal extension of the PBX or at its exchange (NT). It can be switched into the
trunk line as a least cost router. That is, it is simultaneously connected to the
PBX and to the ISDN trunk connection.

Mobile Integration
In addition, the Ecotel ISDN2-2x makes extension functions of the PBX available on
the company mobile phones. If the employee mobile phones are connected to the
telecommunication system via economical mobile-to-mobile connections, the functions
of "switching between calls" and "an-nounced call transfer" can be used from the
mobile phone. These functions are available independent of the manufacturer of the
PBX and of the mobile provider used. "With the mobile integration functions of the
Ecotel ISDN2-2x, employees are easier to reach and have greater mobility," explains
Anton Glckner, director of the MCC product line at Vierling. "This means that the
gateway offers a simple, economical alternative to the stan-dard DECT solutions."

Connecting mobile offices
Moreover, companies can use the Ecotel ISDN2-2x to connect mobile of-fices to the
telecommunication networks via mobile phone. To do this, a number of phones can be
connected to the gateway directly. Via the serial interface, PCs can use the Ecotel
ISDN2-2x as a GPRS modem in order to gain Internet access. Faxes can also be sent
and received via PC.

More channels, and intelligent SIM switching
The new Ecotel ISDN2-2x is distinguished from the proven
Ecotel ISDN2-1x by a greater number of GSM channels. The Ecotel ISDN2-1x offers a
maximum of four GSM channels, while the Ecotel ISDN2-2x offers a maximum of eight.
In addition, the new GSM gateway enables intel-ligent local SIM card management (SIM
switching). That is, up to eight dif-ferent SIM cards can be used per channel.
Depending on the day of the week, the time of day, or the capacity utilization of
the SIM cards, the sys-tem uses previously defined rules to automatically select the
best-suited card. In addition, the Ecotel ISDN2-2x can be integrated with the
Ecotel SIM card server (SCS) in order to access a central pool of SIM cards. "With
the new features, companies are able to take maximum advan-tage of the potential
savings that result from differences in fee structures," says Glckner.

Technical overview Ecotel ISDN2-2x:

Connection options: - Internal extension line of the PBX (TE)
- External trunk line of the PBX (NT)
- Switched into the trunk line as a least cost router (TE/NT)
- Connected to several ISDN phones
GSM channels: 4 (Ecotel ISDN2-240 or 8 (Ecotel ISDN2-280)
Local SIM management: yes
SIM card server integration: yes
Mobile integration
(DECT alternative): yes
Routing incoming calls: yes
Routing outgoing calls: yes
Remote monitoring software: yes
Remote access
and configuration: yes
Configuration via: PC Windows (V.24/LAN)
Call detail records (CDR): yes
Weight: depending on configuration, max. 1.600 g
Dimensions: 255 x 185 x 63 mm

Graphical material available from:
Dr. Markus Diehl, Vierling Communications GmbH
+49 (0)9194 / 97 284,

About Vierling
The Vierling Group is based in Ebermannstadt, Germany near Nrnberg and offers
customized communications equipment, test equipment and electronic manufactur-ing
services (EMS). Vierling Communications GmbH has a product line that in-cludes GSM,
CDMA and UMTS gateways to enable efficient interconnectivity be-tween mobile radio,
VoIP and fixed networks as well as stationary and portable test and measurement
solutions for telephone, DSL and broadband networks and IP-based services. Vierling
Production GmbH develops and manufactures electronic equipment ranging from
individual printed circuit boards to complex electronic sys-tems for companies in
diverse industries. Vierling Systems GmbH is based in Ber-lin and provides
installation and support services related to telecommunications solutions from
different manufacturers. The Vierling Group has two independent subsidiaries:
Vierling Communication SAS based in Plaisir, France near Paris and Vierling North
America Inc. based in Tarrytown, New York (USA). The Vierling Group is represented
by sales partners in more than 40 countries. It has about 250 employees and
generates annual sales of about 30 million Euros. For additional information, please

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