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Vida Samadzai tells how her life continues to be a nightmare but
vows not to quit.

Press Release Body = Vida Samadzai unofficially represented Afghanistan in an
international beauty competition, wearing a red swimsuit and high heels, causing
mass outrage in the Muslim world. She is the ongoing subject of scorn and potential
prosecution and regularly suffers from death threats.

Vida gave an exclusive interview to model and fashion commentator Kelly England in
which she told of her fears but vows 'no matter what, I will not quit.'

She is now working with fundraising organisations in the US where she has had to
base herself to highlight Afghan women that are often impoverished and powerless.

The leading model website reports that despite the huge criticism that she continues
to receive, she has been described by her countries women as a 'Brave Woman' and
told that she 'Symbolizes Liberty'.

The rare interview reveals that Vida is in meetings with producers in both Bollywood
and Hollywood who want to make movies about her highly controversial life.

The website has thousands of model members across the world that
check in daily to report dangerous incidents to help to make the fashion world a
safer place for young women and men. Vida was interviewed as she suffers ongoing
extreme danger as a result of being a model and beauty queen.

Further dramatic features and interviews will highlight exploitation in the fashion
industry as former model Kelly England launches her forthcoming book. She comments:
''Everyday we are helping more and more young people and their parents to understand
that modelling can lead to human trafficking, exploitation, eating disorders and
drug dependency. Unlike the smoke and mirrors that insist that modelling is a safe
and fun career, we tell it like it is.''

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