Find Out The Surprising Secrets of Great Cell Phone Offers

Released on = July 20, 2006, 7:00 am

Press Release Author = Cell Phones Extra

Industry = Telecommunications

Press Release Summary = A newly launched web service that delivers over and beyond
to save you valuable time and money which ensure\'s satisfaction and solutions to
your communication needs.

Press Release Body = To say cell phone use has grown dramatically in the United
States over the past twenty years would be

an understatement. Looking around, one wonders how we managed our daily affairs
without one. We

have seen the evolution from the \"brick-like\" cell phones of the mid 1980\'s to
today\'s phone with all the

features that are available. The explosion of the cell phone and the continual
developmental progress of

these devices may help the pay phone find a spot in the Smithsonian Institute.

Along with the advancing technology of cell phones comes trying to figure out what
phone, features,

plans, etc. which best fits the users needs. With the launch of, you will not only

discover the solutions to these issues, but the visitor will be introduced to the
numerous resources

ranging from phones to the newest and latest flavor of the month.

The information provides is unbiased and provided for free so
that people can

make an informed decision when deciding to buy a cell phone and accessories. This
helpful website has

done all the work for you to save you time and money. \"Remember, that time is money\"
- Benjamin


All cell phones are not equal and niether are all plans suited to fit your needs.
Take the guess work out.

Find solutions whether considering a phone for yourself or other family members.
Discover rebate

opportunities, take advantage of rollover minutes and specials that are offered
including free phones,

solutions to problems with your current phone, easy upgrades that will save
aggravation and money,

and more...

Having a cell phone is not a luxury, having a dependable phone with a plan that
works is a necessity that

will alleviate the worry and frustration in knowing you can contact and be contacted
with reliability.

More information go to: for all your communication

Web Site =

Contact Details = Norman Hem||7333 Miami Lakes Dr. #588||Miami ,

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