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Released on = July 21, 2006, 5:35 am

Press Release Author = Teena Counihan

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = A newly launched travel magazine, The Journey, will uniquely
target the affluent Asian American population in the United States.

Press Release Body = Orlando, FL: The Journey, a newly launched magazine covering
travel worldwide, will be the first such publication to cater to the burgeoning
Asian American population.

"Very rapidly, Asian Americans are coming into their own. They're beginning to
explore more lifestyle options, which includes travel as well," says Teena Counihan,
Editor-in-Chief of The Journey. "This is an extensive market, and The Journey's
staff of writers will design articles specifically with that demographic in mind."

A quarterly magazine, The Journey will reveal great travel experiences for the
entire spectrum of the Asian American community - from students to professionals,
executives, entrepreneur and political leaders. The Journey is designed to be
visually breathtaking as well, with a trendy template and only the finest

For advertisers, The Journey is a great way to target an affluent Asian American
audience. By advertising in The Journey, says Counihan, companies can get much
closer to Asian American travelers and their needs.

"Asian Americans are getting increasingly bolder and eclectic as far as travel
tastes go," says Counihan. "The Journey will tap into that vein of adventure, giving
them exactly the information they will need to explore America and the world."

About The Journey

The Journey's mission is to deliver and to share travel, lifestyle, culture and
business with all the passion of newly discovered experiences to readers. The
magazine effectively targets a wide section of affluent Asians ranging from students
to professionals, executives, entrepreneur and political leaders. For more
information, please visit

Web Site =

Contact Details = Contact information:
Teena Counihan
14873 Perdido Dr.
Orlando, FL 32828
Phone: 407.232.1982
Fax: 407.362.6348

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