Lap Shun John Hui Serial Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Released on = July 26, 2006, 11:47 pm

Press Release Author = Lap Shun John Hui

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Lap Shun John Hui Serial Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Press Release Body = John Hui, the tech business entrepreneur, born in China, sold
eMachines to Gateway Inc for $266M in 2004. John Hui bought eMachines for $160m in
2001 form Korean ODM and distributed a large part of the profits of $72.5m to the
140 eMachines employees, which is considered one of the classiest moves ever by any
high-tech CEO.

He has subsequently started a company, Joui International LLC is a company dedicated
for the development of innovative products for the Office Supplies Business which
has been static for many years. We believe that with the advent of technology, there
is a lot of room for "new age" type of office supplies.

John Hui's Joui International is introducing a functional but ground breaking office
supply product the AutORing, which will revolutionize how people use a common hole
puncher to attach and reinforce pieces of paper so that they may be joined. The
company intends to introduce to the market a broad range of similar office supply
products which will be innovative, feature a cutting edge modern design, offered at
a very affordable price.

Web Site =

Contact Details = John Hui

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