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Press Release Summary = Maya Spa incorporates two healing cultures into its
extensive menu and Azulik offers new cuisine and amenities


TULUM, Mexico (July 6, 2006) - While the sun and sea serenade visitors to the
Riviera Maya, EcoTulum Resorts sweetens the experience with inventive spa services
at popular rejuvenation station, Maya Spa, and new cuisine and amenities at eco-chic
boutique resort, Azulik.

Maya Spa, Tulum's only holistic spa specializing in ancient Mayan therapies,
incorporates into their extensive menu of traditional indigenous treatments and
modern Western spa services massage techniques from two other healing cultures,
Hawaii's ancient Polynesians and Egypt's early mystics.

Through Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, therapists concentrate on the shoulders and "codos"
(elbows), relaxing contracted muscles and eliminating toxins. Shaluha-ka Healing
Therapy, a technique developed by ancient Egyptians, is based on the Kabalistic Tree
of Life, or the cosmic map of creation. This massage practice nourishesphysical,
emotional, mental and spiritual well-being by focusing on four phases of healing,
which combine crystal therapy, aura cleansing, hands-on energy channeling, and of
course, soothing massage of the head, hands, feet and spine.

Along with Maya Spa's new services, Azulik, another EcoTulum property, makes summer
along Mexico's Caribbean coast even brighter by turning up the heat in the kitchen
and putting minds at rest, thanks to a new South American chef and the introduction
of modern electronic safes.

Miguel Montes, a visiting chef from Argentina, helps the EcoTulum culinary team cook
up an innovative room service menu specifically tailored to the vibrant flavors of
summer. Dishes include refreshing appetizers like chilled melon-and-basil soup, and
light and flavorful entrees, such as pan-seared salmon bathed in a white wine,
ginger and honey reduction served with wok-steamed vegetables and fluffy couscous.

This fantastic cuisine is available with the added luxury of knowing personal items
are well-protected in state-of-the-art electronic safes, a modern in-room amenity
extended to all Azulik guests. Safes are large enough to fit two laptop computers,
among other items and are easily accessed by private PIN numbers or credit card bar
codes (with no charge to the user's credit card).

For more information about EcoTulum Resorts & Spa, visit or call
toll free 1-877-532-6737. Check out special rates and promotions at

Zahra ( offers 22 remodeled rooms and cabaas nestled between two
private beaches in Mexico's Mayan Riviera. Electricity is provided from sunset until
11 pm. Azulik (, a 15-villa retreat next door carries rustic luxury
to the max with lounge beds and hand carved wooden soaking tubs. Cabaas Copal
( features 47 candle lit cabaas hidden in the jungle with
total wellness, and a clothing-optional dress code. Maya Spa (
offers holistic spa services and traditional Maya therapies to all properties.
Amilik ( in Patagonia's lake region is EcoTulum's first South
American wellness center and luxury eco-spa.

For more details, please contact:
Mexican Pacific Marketing
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+52 (314) 335-3207 (MX)


Tulum, Mayan Riviera, Mexico
877-532-6737 (toll free US & Canada)
604-834-5153 (international)

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Citlali Gonzalez
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Tel: (949) 340-2602 (US)
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