Added Excitement in Discs Created with Updated Photo Slideshow Creation Software

Released on = August 15, 2006, 11:39 pm

Press Release Author = Xequte Software

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = DVD/VCD/Image Slideshow Disk Creation Software

Press Release Body = Wellington, NZ - 20 June 2006 - Xequte today announced the
release of DVD PixPlay version 3.0, their popular Slideshow Disc Creation Software
for Windows.

DVD PixPlay is an inexpensive and easy-to-use solution for digital camera users to
share their digital photos and videos with friends and family through the use of
image slideshow discs that can be played back on a TV using a DVD player.

Slideshow discs created with the software function like a standard DVD making them
particularly suitable for those who do not own a computer or have only rudimentary
skills in their use.

Version 3.0 is a major update, delivering over one hundred improvements with
particular focus on improving the styling of created discs and enhancing the user

The most significant addition in the new release is the implementation of 46 Pan
Zoom effects, which add more excitement to slideshows by adding motion to static
images, for example, zooming in on a particular face within a photo.

A Remove Borders Wizard allows users to quickly crop the images in their slideshow
to ensure they match the aspect ratio of the output device (e.g. a TV), so that
minimal border area is displayed. Where there are borders, users can now specify
texture files and gradient colors to fill the background.

Users have much more control over their project with new Slideshow Properties and
Frame Properties dialogs which provide quick access to relevant settings and
previews of selected transition and motion effects. Custom transition times can now
be specified for each image as well as the Fade In and Fade Out.

An eighth format has been added to the output arsenal, with a new combined DVD and
Image Slideshow, which provides optimal quality and compatibility whether played on
a TV or a computer.

PC slideshow discs can now also include buttons to navigate photos and DVD chapters,
print the slideshow, display a web site or send an email.

Significant development time has been invested in improving styling and usability
throughout the application, including customization of the buttons that are
displayed on the main toolbar and new graphics.

To provide users detailed information on their slideshow a new display mode provides
a columnar view of the start time, motion and transition effects and crop ratio for
all frames. In other display modes similar information is available by hovering the
cursor over the frame.

Other improvements include an undo function to reverse the last editing change, more
powerful importing and exporting to CSV files, Windows Vista compatibility, and much
faster output due to improved caching and other optimizations.

Further information, including free evaluations, can be obtained from the Xequte web
site at or from DVD PixPlay is priced at $29.50 and
can be purchased from

About Xequte Software

Founded in 1998, Xequte Software focuses on the creation of image and multimedia
management and viewing solutions for Windows.

Their leading products, Smart Pix Manager, MailList King and DVD PixPlay have
received numerous top reviews and are some of the more popular products within their
market space. Xequte has also developed custom solutions for such companies as
Shutterfly, Ofoto and Amazon.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Address: PO Box 11-301, Wellington
New Zealand

Phone Number: +64-25-299-7474

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