American Monk - Steven Hairfield

Released on = August 13, 2006, 10:12 am

Press Release Author = InnerCircle Publishing

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Dr. Steven Hairfield is available for interviews, personal
counseling sessions, group lectures, and spiritual retreats.

Press Release Body = How interesting would it be to speak with An American Monk
about consciousness and our changing times?

In the past six months Dr. Steven Hairfield has been a guest on Coast To Coast AM,
Contact Talk Radio, Health and Harmony, as well as television programs in India and

Dr Hairfield lectures worldwide on topics such as:

The Changing Times
Shift of Polarities
The Power of Thought & Self Mastery
Manifesting: Creating Our Experience
Meditation - Science of Breath
Self-Love: The Purpose of Relationships
Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible
The Sacred Journey of Life - \"Path of Consciousness\"
The Seven Essene Mirrors of Relationship
The Principles of Karma
Return To Innocence

Steven believes that 2012 may actually be 2006, and in next few months our world may
be turned upside-down, metaphysically speaking.

Visit Dr. Steven Hairfield\'s website: for contact

What Steven knows, people need to hear.

Thanks for reading this.

Chad Lilly
Founder - InnerCircle Publishing

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