Released on = August 17, 2006, 8:36 pm

Press Release Author = RasterVect Software

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Able MPEG2 Editor lets you remove any parts from MPEG2 files
without decoding.

Press Release Body = Able MPEG2 Editor is a useful program for those who work with
MPEG2 (DVD) video. Using the included video player, you can easily remove any
unwanted parts (TV Ads and so on) from MPEG2 (DVD) video files in minutes. You can
preview the MPEG2 file, set ranges (start and end points) and cut to the good parts.
Some features:
- Support large video file, even large then 4GB.
- Fast cutting without decoding of MPEG2.
- Very User-friendly interface.
- Drag-and-drop files on player.
- Supports Audio.
- Works without any quality loss.

The list below summarizes the process of cutting ADS from video file:
- Open a video file.
- Choose time ranges.
- Cut to the good parts.

Designed to work on all Windows platforms, Able MPEG2 Editor saves a lot of time.
It\'s a replacement for traditional decoding, cutting and encoding. It does provide a
way to fast cutting without any quality loss.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Address: Zastavnaja 2a, Togliatti
Russian Federation

Phone Number: 7-8482-324347

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