Can you produce a national women`s magazine from a Cowshed

Released on = August 29, 2006, 6:23 am

Press Release Author = Tonic Magazine

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Tonic Magazine hits the newsstands on 30th August, having
been published and edited by Sarah Flower from a Cowshed in the West Country.

Tonic magazine has been described as \'Slightly Fizzy, Very Refreshing\" and features
an ethical thread throughout. Tonic will bridge the gap between more ethical titles
and the tradtional women\'s glossies.

Press Release Body = It certainly isn\'t the first place you\'d expect to find the
headquarters of a national magazine, but against all odds, this is what Sarah Flower
has achieved.

Tonic hits the news stands on 30th August and this glossy woman\'s monthly is
certainly set to take the market by storm.

Based in the West Country, Sarah Flower has been working on Tonic for over 8 months.
\'When Tonic was first put together I had no real plans for it to become a newsstand
publication, but it started to grow and grow and suddenly here we are!\'

Sarah is publisher as well as Senior Editor - no mean feat by any standards, let
alone for a mother of two. \'Tonic was started in our spare room so it meant that
although I worked long hours, I was still able to be around for the children. We
then moved home and the office was placed in The Cow Shed, but still within our
home. Due to the expansion of the company, we are now about to move to larger
offices which will be great, but I\'ll miss being on call for my family and the
luxury of being brought a cup of tea when under pressure!\'

Tonic has been described as \"Slightly Fizzy, Very Refreshing\"

\'It\'s unique in that there will be an ethical thread throughout, but not
overpoweringly so\' says Sarah. \'Tonic will bridge the gap between the more serious
ethical/green titles and the glamour of the woman\'s monthlies - yes, woman can be
stylish, sexy and still live a greener lifestyle!\'

Although Sarah is based in the West Country, this has not prevented her from
sourcing the best team for Tonic. There is an extremely high calibre editorial team
with contributing journalists from the national press & TV.
In addition, the creative team has experience working on and launching many of the
UK\'s more successful newsstand titles. This wide ranging experience positions Tonic
as a new breed of woman\'s monthly and helps keep the look and feel fresh.

\'Many people have asked whether being based in the West Country has hindered the
magazine. We feel it has actually done the opposite. We are dedicated to bringing
out an honest magazine for real woman, and living here, that all comes very
naturally. We may miss out on the non-stop glamour of press launches but we choose
editorial content for its appeal to our readers and this is something we are very
proud of. We also have a great team based in London, so we are able to have the
best of both worlds\'.

Editors Notes

Tonic is available for leading supermarkets, WHSmiths, Borders, and Independent
newsagents on the 30th August, priced at 2.80

Tonic is designed for \"thinking women with a conscience\" aged 30 to 55 years.

For More information contact Tonic Magazine on 01392 314089.

Email: or

Visit Tonic\'s website at:

Web Site =

Contact Details = For More information contact Tonic Magazine on 01392 314089.

Email: or

Visit Tonic\'s website at:

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