First inter-galactic blog goes live!

Released on = August 11, 2006, 5:50 am

Press Release Author = Zmodsworld

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Blogs have become all the rage on Earth but now comes the
universe's first inter-galactic blog!

Press Release Body = Zmodsworld ( aims to bring exciting
news and fresh insight into life on the planet Bartoch, far away on the other side
of the galaxy. Hosted by Zmod - the star of the book 'My Alien Penfriend' by Faiz
Kermani (ISBN 1420858602 - published by AuthorHouse and available on Amazon),
Zmodsworld seeks to encourage spaceblogging from more aliens.

"My friends on Earth tell me that they hear very little about Bartoch," said Zmod.
"I hope that through my spaceblog you'll get to learn more about my planet and all
my inter-galactic friends. There's lots that I'm looking forward to telling you
about - both serious and fun stuff! Spaceblogging is the best way to make friends
across the galaxy and have a good time. Everyone should do it!"

According to a recent survey in The Alien Times, the trend in spaceblogging has
surged by over 2000% over the last four years. Initially used for short-range
planetary business, spaceblogging has now expanded in order for individuals to
establish contact with aliens further away from home planets.

"I'm convinced that spaceblogging is the future of alien communication," added
Professor Prip Mongoop, Head of Cosmic Connectionology at Flicgat University, one of
Bartoch's most advanced technology institutions. "We've been looking for a way to
make this technology accessible to young aliens for a long time and thanks to the
generosity and groundbreaking work of the Chinspirations Blog Network, we are now
able to do so. On Bartoch, Zmod is one of our young pioneers in this area, but I'm
sure that soon there will be others from all around the galaxy participating in this
exciting venture!"

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My Alien Penfriend is the 'book behind the spaceblog' and gives you further details
about Zmod and his friendship with Darius on Earth.

For more information on My Alien Penfriend visit:

Zmodsworld is brought to you by the pioneering and advanced technology of the
Chinspirations Blog Network. For more information please visit:

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Tel: +442086438501

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