Make your static camera moving!

Released on = August 28, 2006, 1:40 am

Press Release Author = Soft Service Ltd

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Software adds pan, tilt and zoom to your static USB webcam

Press Release Body = CamZoomer is a revolution product allowing to move not
motorized cameras. With CamZoomer you can Zoom in/out and move left/right, up/down
your static camera. Could be any camera connected to computer from USB to Firewire
1394 and CamCorder.

How is it possible? This is pretty simple, each camera has resolution 640x480, while
we use for web conferencing 320x240 or less. That allows to keep visible area as
part of camera sensor and using special algorithms we can manipulate visible area to
move camera and zoom it.

Moving angle and digital zoom factor is not very high, however that allows to add
interactivity to your video conferencing and it is fun. With CamZoomer you can also
connect 2 or more programs to your virtual camera devices, you can keep discussion
with few friends the same time.

Try CamZoomer at no costs.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Address: Demakova 30/1, Novosibirsk
Russian Federation

Phone Number: (+7) 383-335-6402

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