Pets Could Suffer Under New Flight Restrictions

Released on = August 23, 2006, 12:11 pm

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Press Release Summary = Humans aren't the only ones affected by new flight restrictions at our nation's airports. Pets also might have to deal with some of the
restrictions as well.

Press Release Body = By Nohl Rosen
Cat Galaxy

August 23, 2006

Scottsdale, AZ----

With newer flight restrictions now in effect, it seems humans won't be the only ones
having to deal with this situation when flying the friendly skies. Cats, dogs and
other small pets traveling with their humans might also suffer under the new

While liquids such as shampoos, soda, bottled water, and other items are now banned
as carry-on items, human baby formula and even medications are allowed as long as
they are properly identified belonging to the human. But where does that leave our
four-legged friends?

The Transportation Security Administration wants pet owners to know they shouldn't
be too worried, as canned cat and dog food, as well as their medications (liquid or
otherwise which is properly identified and prescribed by a vet) will be allowed
among a person's carry-on items.

"Sealed canned cat food is allowed through the checkpoints. Some pouched cat food
with gravy may be turned away. It is at the discretion of the screening manager at
the checkpoint," said Jennifer Peppin, a TSA spokesperson.

If passengers still have doubts as to whether or not their cat or dog's favorite
pouched food will be allowed through, the TSA had another suggestion instead of
having to throw it away in the trash.

"Passengers may want to place pouched food in their checked luggage if it contains
gravy but the canned food should be fine," Peppin added.

So far, the TSA has not seen any problems with canned pet food being included as
part of a passenger's carry-on items, but it is possible that it could be closely
inspected if the food is not sealed or in its proper container. But so far, so good
at least according to Julie Rodriquez, a spokesperson from Sky Harbor International
Airport in Phoenix.

"The TSA in Phoenix has not had an issue with cat food at the checkpoints since
these new restrictions went into effect," Rodriguez said.

Of course, one such watery creature could face problems getting through security
checkpoints at the airport. Small aquarium fish are not allowed to travel with
passengers on flights under the new guidelines, according to the TSA. So the best
idea is simply not to bring them with you of course some airlines do allow them.

US Airways is one such airline that allows cats, dogs and even fish to fly with
their owners on domestic flights, as long as the person pays an $80 fee to do so.
However despite the fish issue, US Airways is also re-assuring its customers they
won't face too many issues when it comes to their cat's or dog's needs when flying,
according to one of the airline's spokespeople.

"Canned and pouched pet food is allowed on US Airways flights. We haven't seen any
problems so far, but if the food is being carried in a strange container, then it
will be closely inspected to make sure it is indeed dog or cat food," said Valerie
Wunder of US Airways.

Wunder also suggested that before a passenger flies with their cat or dog, that they
check the TSA or even US Airway's web site before their scheduled flight as they
list all the current banned items.

As for the aquarium fish, it is possible they may be able to fly with their humans
soon but it is unknown how long that will be.

"We're hoping it is only temporary at this point," Wunder added.

To see a list of all banned or allowed items as carry-on you can check out the TSA
Web Site at or US Airways web site at

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