Prayer Coaching Program Launched To Help Christian Singles Over 35 Find Their Godly Spouse

Released on = August 30, 2006, 9:59 pm

Press Release Author = Firesprings Inc

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = Elisha Goodman today launched \"Prayer Marathon for Singles,\"
a prayer and coaching program to help Christian singles 35 years and above find
their godly spouse, and exchange marital vows within the year.

Press Release Body = August 31, 2006 - Elisha Goodman announces \"Prayer Marathon for
Singles over 35\"

Those who sign up for the free online coaching event get a 41-page Special Report,
21-day prayer guide featuring 759 prayer points and 7 weeks free hands-on,
e-mentoring sessions.

The sign up page title is \"Still Single at 35?

Joining this FREE \'Prayer Marathon for Singles\' will help you attract your godly
spouse within the next 12 months and keep him \"till death do us part.\"

Prayer Marathon Focus

The ONE crucial prayer point for knowing your godly spouse.
The 6 most powerful prayers for Christian singles.
The 17 foundational \"building block\" prayers to ensure a lasting
The ONE prayer about relationships that will always get answered and HOW
to pray it.
The 3 types of prayer points to avoid if you don\'t want to get stuck with
the wrong partner.
The 21 prayer points to know God\'s will for you in marriage.
22 prayer points to break anti-marriage covenants and curses, if there is
a pattern of late-marriages,
separation and divorce in your family.
14 prayer points for dating singles planning marriage.

Prayer Marathon Details

eCoach: Elisha Goodman
Topic: Praying to find your godly spouse

Many have come to find the search for a godly marriage partner a painful, sometimes
frightening, endlessly puzzling pursuit.

Not any more ...

Elisha Goodman, online prayer coach and author, has created a free e-mentoring and
coaching program, Prayer Marathon for Singles that uses simple prayers in
combination with guided mentoring to help Christian Singles pray and find their
God-ordained marriage partners ... often within 90 days.

Elisha said, \"I first created this program for my own biological sisters years ago,
when I realized that they had been praying and believing God for their marriage
partners without success. I have 8 sisters and the oldest was over 35 years old at
the time. Their biological clock was ticking.\"

\"7 of them are now happily married. The last one is getting married in October.\"

Maggie Leyd from South Africa joined the online event in December 2005. She
reported, \"I took in the Prayer Marathon in December and prayed for my finances, the
ministry that God has for me and my future spouse. January 17, my husband to be came
into my life and we are going to be married in June, is that not WONDERFUL!!!, I am
so happy. God is GOOD.\"

The program kicks off with a free 41-page Special Report,

\"The 9 Mistakes Almost All Christian Singles Make (Including Top 3 Mistakes Even
Experts Don\'t Know They Are Making).\"

Available for immediate download at

Joining the program is free and easy. The coaching is also free, but is for a
limited time, and only available to Christian singles 35 and above who take quick
action and sign up before all the e-mentoring slots are filled.

About Prayer Marathon for Singles:

Prayer Marathon for Singles is an online Christian program that helps people find
their godly spouse through a combination of fasting and focused praying. Visit to learn more about the event.

About Elisha Goodman:

Elisha Goodman is an online prayer coach and author of 6 books. His Prayer DNA
Secrets and Prayer Cookbook for Busy People have helped thousands of Christians in
58 countries to pray their way into happier, richer lives in Christ.


Elisha Goodman

Web Site =

Contact Details = Elisha Goodman
2352 Timbercrest Ave
Windsor , N8P 1S2


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