Recently Developed Cookie Dough Fund Raising Program Takes Less Work

Released on = August 31, 2006, 5:48 pm

Press Release Author = ESC Promotions

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Offered late last year, ESC Promotions\' cookie dough
fundraising program quickly became popular with school groups. Their cookie dough
fund raiser is what many school groups are choosing because it requires minimum

Press Release Body = Among several new programs introduced by ESC Promotions last
year was the cookie dough fundraiser. Having become instantly popular with new and
existing customers because it can generate large profits with less work than other
programs, ESC found that the cookie dough fundraising program was also especially
preferred by organizations that got a late start to their fundraising efforts. The
fact that the cookie dough is sold using brochures means that fund raising can start
within a week. Groups who were new to ESC\'s programs reported such positive
results with the cookie dough fund raiser that they plan to rely on them for all
their future money making needs.

Because existing customers are assured that ESC is already familiar with their
needs, school groups know they can expect a painless launch the next year, whether
or not they choose the cookie dough fund raiser. They understand that ESC\'s
fundraising consultants have evaluated their previous performance and taken steps to
recommend additional programs that might be even more profitable than the cookie
dough fundraiser. By the time the next fall term starts, the staff and volunteers
for school groups know that ESC has already done most of the work to prepare for
their fund raising efforts. \"This is why our customers come back to us each year,\"
states Chad Wolfe of ESC Promotions. \"School organizations know that our fund
raising experts have taken the time to get to know them, and understand their needs
and limitations. In these cases, our experts also know how to time the programs
because we\'re usually already working with all the other groups at that institution
or in the community.\"

Organizations which have a high turn-over of volunteer staff often find they are
getting a late start when it comes time to finding the right fundraiser. ESC\'s
cookie dough fundraiser is the perfect choice in such cases. \"When we get an
opportunity to help in these kinds of situations, we find that they choose to stay
our customers, because the yearly change in volunteer staff means they want to be
able to trust that their fundraiser provider knows what will work best for them,\"
adds Wolfe. \"By keeping track of the group\'s history and needs, we are already
doing half of their work for them, and they appreciate it.\"

Information about their cookie dough fund raising program is available on their
website, as well as details about ESC\'s many other options. It is worth a visit to
see how groups can spend less time working on their fund raiser while still earning
substantial profits.

Known for high-quality school fund raising programs like their new cookie dough fund
raiser, ESC Promotions provides lucrative and easy ideas to organizations across the
US which are tailored to each group\'s needs. By providing free advice from their
fundraising experts, ESC enables organizations can get the help they need in finding
the right fund raiser.

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