Starr Tincup and HRAmerica reach SEO goal

Released on = August 30, 2006, 11:18 am

Press Release Author = Bret Starr

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Starr Tincup and client reach search engine optimization goal

Press Release Body = FT. WORTH, Texas - August 30, 2006 - Starr Tincup, an
integrated marketing firm that serves software and services companies through
customer selection, acquisition and retention, announced today that its client,
HRAmerica, achieved its search engine optimization (SEO) goal of being one of
Google's top five listings with the UltiPro brand.

HRAmerica, a leading HR outsourcing firm that combines Internet technology and
dedicated service to deliver comprehensive employee administration solutions, was
listed 53rd for the UltiPro brand on Google when the company began working with
Starr Tincup in December 2005. Now, HRAmerica is in the number two position on
Google with the UltiPro brand.

"This is a grand accomplishment for which I give Starr Tincup all the credit," said
Stephen Boyd, CEO of HRAmerica. "The content management, persistent listing of
HRAmerica, and the 'bag 'o tricks' that they bring to the table is making our brand
known and our lead generation a reality. Truly, Starr Tincup has become a
competitive advantage for us."

"While working with HRAmerica, we have largely focused on helping them gain
visibility in the marketplace," said J. William Tincup, principal and co-founder of
Starr Tincup. "The search engine optimization is part of a complete online marketing
effort that also includes press releases, email marketing and other visibility
promotion techniques. We are determined to meet HRAmerica's primary objective of
increasing search engine optimization with the UltiPro brand."

"We have achieved impressive results in a relatively short time period because of
our resolve to position HRAmerica in front of its competitors and partners," said
Bret Starr, principal and co-founder of Starr Tincup. "Now we will focus on
maintaining our client's position and optimizing other search terms for HRAmerica."

About HRAmerica

HRAmerica is an HR outsourcing firm offering comprehensive employee administration
solutions such as HR advisory and administrative services, payroll and benefits
administration and employee benefit plans. The company utilizes the Internet to
deliver top tier management and reporting capabilities as well as employee
self-service functionality.

For more about HRAmerica, visit their website at

About Starr Tincup

Starr Tincup is an integrated marketing firm for business-to-business software and
services companies. The company helps its clients select, acquire and retain
customers through direct and indirect channels. The scope of services includes the
development and execution of market research, sales and marketing process, marketing
programs, and best-of-breed sales and marketing technology implementation and

For more about Starr Tincup, visit their website at or read
their blog at

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Contact Details = Bret Starr
J. William Tincup
Principals and Co-Founders
Starr Tincup

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