Start Planning Elementary School Fund Raiser Now

Released on = August 3, 2006, 3:02 pm

Press Release Author = ESC Promotions

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Now is the perfect time to begin organizing an elementary
school Fund raiser. Rather than competing with other schools in the community, it
pays to start early planning for elementary school fund raising before everyone
else\'s fall event.

Press Release Body = Waiting until the money is needed is not the way to maximize
profits for an elementary school fund raiser. Unfortunately, this is often the
case, and it usually means the elementary school group comes up short in earnings
because the fund raising event was rushed or poorly organized. Year after year, ESC
Promotions has been helping elementary schools across the nation gear up for their
annual fund raiser during the end of the summer season.

Because their existing customers are assured that ESC is already familiar with their
needs, elementary schools know they can expect a painless launch on their next fund
raiser. By the time the fall term starts, the administrative staff and PTO/PTAs of
elementary schools know that ESC has already done most of the work to prepare for
their fund raising efforts. \"This is why our customers come back to us each year,\"
states Chad Wolfe of ESC Promotions. \"Elementary schools know that our fund raising
experts have taken the time to get to know them, and understand their needs and
limitations. In these cases, our experts also know how to time the programs because
we\'re usually already working with all the other groups at that institution or in
the community.\"

The timing of an elementary school is important because potential earnings can be
impacted when other groups in the same community are competing with one another.
According to Mr. Wolfe, \"ESC has made it a point to provide more than just products,
but also service and advice to our customers. This personalized approach is why
we\'re so successful with elementary school fund raising ... they\'re glad we keep
track of the factors impacting their program\'s performance. This is especially true
when considering the high turn-over rate with elementary school fund raising

Elementary schools new to ESC will find that what sets them apart is their staff of
experienced fund raising experts. This staff is already geared up and ready to
begin their busiest season. \"We\'re standing by, waiting for the rush for fund
raisers that usually comes after the start of the elementary school calendar. When
groups contact us now, before the rush, they can be sure to avoid a considerable
amount of competition in their community,\" states Wolfe. \"By letting us get
elementary schools prepared now, and by letting our fund raising specialists get to
know them, we\'ll be able to make things even easier at the beginning of the 2007-08
school year.\"

\"Check out the various fund raising options we have for elementary schools on our
to see the different choices,\" adds Wolfe. \"It would be a shame to miss such an
easy opportunity.\"

ESC Promotions provides lucrative and easy fund raising programs to elementary
schools across the US which are tailored to each one\'s needs. By providing free
advice from their fund raising experts, ESC enables organizations can get the help
they need in finding the right program.

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