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Released on = August 26, 2006, 8:40 am

Press Release Author = Dr. Sharon Milon, Radah Publishing

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Apostles, Husband and Wife Generalship is a revelatory
book that in this age states the issues for the future church. Team Apostles,
Husband, and Wife Generalship examines the dilemma of church productivity and gives
a spiritual explanation as to why we are dysfunctional in the reality of sons and
daughters. It should be pointed out that this text was not "passive" but given
directly to the author in direct face-to-face proven proto type of husband and wife
generalship today. Now, that this is published in light of authority and original
biblical order, readers are continuing to learn new things from Team Apostles,
Husband and Wife Generalship which in essence provides both the situation of an
ongoing past/present/future pattern and a blueprint for a new direction in the image
and likeness into a higher state of realization. Team Apostles, Husband, and Wife
Generalship teaches us that a greater understanding can and must occur between the
spiritual co-parenting in order for the problems of church business and home to be

Press Release Body = Its ultimate purpose is the advancement of the Kingdom of God,
with the goal of changing our orientation so that we are prepared for a healthy and
adjustment and a quantum leap that will move humankind and the earth forward into
the next step in our Kingdom purpose. In this process an ultimate dealings is
anticipate, as we discover "power of two that love each other out of an eternal
initiation of covenant."
More about Team Apostles, Husband, and Wife Generalship
Team Apostles, Husband and Wife Generalship is a challenging lifestyle that
requires more than a curious browse in order to be grasped, and a commitment in
order for it to be understood. The text is a yielding process of instruction whereby
the reader acquires the ability to work through ungodly beliefs, sacred cows, and
selfishness through which actual transformation takes place in recognizing that our
earthly assignment is a process of truths and progressive revelations. Through a
desire to know more, an open-minded perspective on origin and the plan for all
creation; with its unique blending of spiritual and willingness principles, both
timeless and timely questions are confronted and resolved. Team Apostles, Husband
and Wife Generalship can thus be thought of as a blueprint for continual upgrades of
families, business and church leadership of these different levels taking place
through embracing the changes needed.
If the casual reader is an established disbeliever, they will dismiss the work as
another writing to publicize and explore uncertain placement of women. However, this
work is not a flight of the imagination, nor is it neither the outcome of "optional
information" nor the product of vain imagination. Due to the nature of a direct
experience as the basis of receiving the information written in Team Apostles,
Husband and Wife Generalship, it is more properly thought of as a revealed
teaching. It challenges us to go beyond our normal generational thinking of our
normal intellect, in order to accept it substance.
In point of truth, it is difficult for our concrete thought processes to account for
eternal purpose in the creation thought Adam and Eve such as that described in Team
Apostles, Husband and Wife Generalship, but, unless we dismiss the notion that no
other revelation exist beyond our own (and relativity and study give us evidence
that there is at least an error in the structure to promote sound and healthy
mandate), we are left in the position of having to be at least willing to consider
the teachings of Team Apostles, Husband and Wife Generalship as being restored true
before we can begin to understand them.
This kingdom advance dilemma, similar to a history of low integrity and failed
marriages from the pulpit to the door" puts Team Apostles, Husband, and Wife
Generalship in perspective for the radical change-seeker. This work is in print and
has not only circulated in the popular setting, but is becoming well-known also in
systems of business and government-something of a paradox, considering both the
breadth and depth of the work and the way it challenges the reader's preconceptions,
whether they be ministry, home or something in between.
It is only by understanding our divine purpose record in the book of beginnings will
this be as a sub-structure of more inspiring levels of creation working through
model of God given obedience that we can understand the importance of this teaching.
This is the great preparation, not only for the end-time transition of the upgrade,
but for the revelation from the material and life into the reality and spiritual
realms of the eternal purpose, hidden in Christ. In this, the mystery of what Christ
imparted to us as "The Dominion Mandate of Husband and Wife Generalship" is no
longer a mystery, but an active revelation of meaning of "them dominion," that we
are participating in as members of body of Christ.
Author - Dr. Sharon S. Milon, D. Min.

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