Build your own downloadshop at Yoosic com!

Released on = September 19, 2006, 12:11 am

Press Release Author = Yoosic Technology

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = MeCommerce rocks. Even at Yoosic, a Germany
based download store for independent music, is going to provide a
\"Build-your-own-download-store\" service to all of its users, labels and artists by
the end of September.

Press Release Body = Details

Every user (not only labels and musicians) can create their own download store in a
fairly simple way:

1. define the name of your store
2. select the music and the prices for it
3. that\'s it. Ready to go.

Furthermore the users can adjust the template based design and make it look like
their very own page. Even integration in the users own site wont be a problem

Yoosic guaranties the safety of the the system and handles the payment processing as
well as providing the files to the user.

And all this is for free.


With this step Yoosic is implementing a new system into it\'s website which was asked
for by many of it\'s labels and artists, which just loved Yoosics unique simply and
easy to use web shop. These labels and artists just wanted to have a similar system
running at their own websites selling their own and the music of their friends to
users and fans.

Additionally yoosic is opening the whole system not only to its musicians and
labels, everybody will be able to select its favourite music and sell it to its
friends, users, customers.

This offer might be relevant for:

* radio stations(online/ offline),
* journals (online/ offline),
* clubs,
* agenturen und
* users.


These custom-designed shops provided by yoosic address a music download industry
specific problem, pretty often blamed by music scene insiders: the absence of
special-interest-shops. These shops are characterized by a very specific music
selection only for value to a small but global group of people. The shops are going
to help people navigating inside the tremendous huge amounts of independent music.
If a user found a yoosic-shop which serves his favourite music and gives him access
to new music he loves but never heard of - the user will is pretty likely become a
loyal customer of this shop.

About Yoosic

Yoosic is a Digital Musique Boutique, focussing in high quality music. Yoosic has an
extremely simple and intuitive website and offers large variety of music downloads
directly provided by its labels and musicians.

Yoosic was founded in 2004 and is closely cooperating with its labels and musicians.
e.g. every artist and label can edit their own profile page by themselves.

for more information pls. look at or contact to get
more details and first screenshots of the new system.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Tina Schnittka

Yoosic Digitale Musiqueboutique
Waldschlsschenstrae 1
01099 Dresden

Phone: 0049-(0)172-9959799

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