China to Improve Road Transportation Further

Released on = September 22, 2006, 12:06 am

Press Release Author = RNCOS

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = As part of its plans to improve road transportation in the
country, China shall establish a goods transportation and national expressway
passenger network by 2010.

Press Release Body = There will be drastic improvement in the transportation on key
roadways, enabling vehicles to travel 400-500 km within twelve hours and 1,000 km
within 24 hours, as China plans to establish goods transportation and national
throughway passenger network by 2010.

In the next decade, construction of forty-five national level road hubs will begin
in China. Also, there will be an increase in stations for transporting passengers at
different levels. Number of goods and passenger transportation will go up to 2,300
and 8,600, respectively. Besides this, China plans to construct a transportation
network for covering vast rural areas as well as an information network for serving
the latest road transportation.

RNCOS has recently published a report “China Transportation Sector Analysis
(2006-2007)”. In this report RNCOS has provided comprehensive analysis of
every aspect of Transport Sector in China. According to this report,
“Passenger traffic on major roads of China was 6480Mn people in 1990. This
increased to 16250Mn people by 2004, while it’s estimated to reach 24Bn people
by 2010”.

“Commuter person-km of road, i.e. 100Mn person-km, was 2620.3 in 1990 and
increased to 8748.4 by 2004. With passenger traffic increasing so rapidly, improved
road transportation is the need of the hour ”, said an analyst at RNCOS.

The research report on China Transportation Sector addresses the issues and facts
that are critical to the success of China’s Transportation industry, like:

- Future potential of China transport industry.
- Key competitors in China’s Transportation industry.
- Challenges and the opportunities in the China Transport Industry.
- Key driving force for the transport industry in China.
- Major obstacles in the China’s transportation.

RNCOS’ \"China Transportation Sector Analysis (2006-2007)” report
provides extensive research and objective analysis of the transport sector in China.
It helps clients to analyze the opportunities critical to the future success of
transportation industry in China. Detailed data and analysis helps potential
investors to navigate the evolving market opportunities in transport sector in

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