China to expand its Railway Network by 2020

Released on = September 12, 2006, 10:29 pm

Press Release Author = RNCOS

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = To make a mark in the transportation industry, Chinese
railway sector is planning to undergo some major changes, from expansion of network
to developing intercity passenger transportation system, the improvement is on the

Press Release Body = To build a prosperous society, Chinese railway network requires
size expansion, best structure, and quality improvement, so that it can widen its
transport capacity and provide all the facilities to the network rapidly.

Chief economist of the Ministry of Railway Huang Min informed that by 2020, the
Chinese railways' operating-mileage would touch 100,000 km mark. China rail
transportation will undergo segmentation by separating Cargo- transport from
passenger transport in artery lines, double-track of artery lines' will be
electrified; electrification and double-track rates will rise by 50%; quality and
transport capacity are to fulfill demands of social development and national
economy; the chief technical equipment will approach or reach the advance level of
international standards..

To achieve the aim of developed railway network, plans to expand railway network is
required. Separation of goods and passengers transport in occupied trunk lines is
also required. Plans to develop intercity passenger transportation system in
affluent areas and improving the railway network quality are also in pipeline.

"China Transportation Sector Analysis (2006-2007)", a research report by RNCOS,
states that freight carried by Chinese railway last year was 2.686 billion tons,
8.2% above compared to 2.682 billion tons in 2004.

The research also highlights the other relevant issues and facts related to the
success of China's transportation industry, like:

- Future possibilities in the China transport industry
- Competitors for China's transportation industry
- Challenges and the opportunities in the China transport Industry
- Driving force for the transport industry in China
- Major hurdles in the China's transportation
"China Transportation Sector Analysis (2006-2007)" provides an extensive research
and objective analysis of the transport sector in China. Clients can take full
advantage of this report as it helps them to analyze the future success of transport
sector in China. Also, this report provides the detailed data and analysis to
potential investors to navigate through the evolving market opportunities in China's
transportation industry.

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