First virtual country Virtuania

Released on = September 18, 2006, 6:03 am

Press Release Author = Virtuania

Industry = Entertainment

Press Release Summary = Make a gift - present citizenship in virtual country.

Press Release Body = It is often difficult to invent an original present.

Now you can present citizenship in virtual country Virtuania. Virtuania is virtual
country, it exists in internet only. It has state flag and emblem, currency called
viney and citizens that are called virtuanians.

You can become virtuanian or present citizenship to someone. When you present
citizenship person\'s name is added to the virtuanian registry and you can specify
that person will receive beautiful email or personalized gift card with notification
about becoming virtuanian and your greetings.

There can be 108 honorary citizens in Virtuania.
Their names are published at Virtuania\'s site main page. Honorary citizens receive
amazing certificate made from wood and steel.

Web Site =

Contact Details =

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