Foreign Drivers Coming

Released on = September 10, 2006, 1:19 am

Press Release Author = Annette Carpenter

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Foreign truckers from Australia to relieve shortage hurting

Press Release Body = Look to the future with foreign truckers...

Over the last 6 years the "retention" and "shortage" of truckers has been written
about a zillion times. America's population is growing but the want to be a trucker
is not.

Across the world there are thousands of experienced truckers that would love to join
the industry in America.

Truckers that crave to come to the USA include Australia, New Zealand, England,
Jamaica, the Philippines to name a few. Good English speaking OTR drivers. They
drive the same trucks, on similar roads, and have the same DOT rules governing logs,
hours, drugs etc.

The drivers want to relocate to the USA. They are willing to pay all the Government
fees etc to get their immigrant visa, and they are happy to commit to a minimum of 2
years with their employer (sponsor). Any trucking employer can bring experienced
truckers to the USA and not have their tractor units parked up.

Most foreign drivers have only had 1 or 2 employers in 5 years. They are stable
individuals with good worth ethics.

The program is available, but underutilized by the transport industry. It is not a
quick process, yet the long term benefits out way the hassle of the processing. If
you sponsored 50 truckers this year and it took 2 years to get them across to you,
in 2 years time that's 50 trucks filled.

The U.S Immigration service has already approved drivers from these countries this
year. The approved drivers will wait for their number to come up in the queue, and
then they will pack up and move permanently with their wife and children to the
employers location.

It's a win win situation and should be used now, so in the future you have the
drivers you need.

The only web site offering the service to trucking companies is Not a fly by night organization, this company has
been working with US employers bringing over truckers since 1999. The company
Truckers For USA, Inc began bringing over drivers using the temporary visa program
where the truckers worked for the employer for 10 months at a time. That visa
category is so short on visas each year, as the visas mainly go to the Resorts,
Construction etc that they began doing the permanent program for truckers.

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Contact Details = Xtra Driver Solutions, Inc
5310 Macarthur Drive, N Little Rock 72118 AR.
Phone 866 768 0862, Fax 800/526-8960 Email:
CEO & Founder : Annette Carpenter
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