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Press Release Summary = Sisters, Mothers, Daughters is a free fantasy ebook
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Theresa Chaze

Sisters, Mothers, Daughters is a free ebook, which explores the complicated and ever
changing relationships between women. Other worlds, differing religions, and
political view points come together in the fantasy genre as women explore themselves
and their life's path. Sometimes controversial, sometimes frightening this
collection of short stories reveals the multi-dimensional spirit of the every
changing woman.

To restore her honor and save her people, Kelly O'Dell must find a way to
communicate with the natives of the newly absorbed planet to explain how she
accidentally killed their children and persuade them to give her the cure for the
disease killing her comrades.
After prearranging her own funeral, Resa's spirit watches as her friends confront
her family, forcing them to know her true self. Melanie attempts to help Daphne
keep control over her own body by escaping to a state that still feels women have
the right to control their own bodies; in doing so, they become part of a movement
that once again divides the country. Angie must face her past mistakes in order to
grow past them and be able to make up for the damage she has done to others.
Michelle meets with an old friend in attempt to save their friendship after she
chose to take a non-traditional life path. With the help spirits, Shannon decided
if she is to move forward in her life or remain in the safety of what she knows.
Each of these women must look to their own hearts and ask themselves--am I strong

The free download is available by going to at You are also
welcome to sign up for the free newsletter, Messages From the Universe; it has
unique spiritual wisdom and publishing information.

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