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Released on = September 21, 2006, 4:11 pm

Press Release Author = Tom Norton

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = A Music TV show that is destined to ruffle feathers is
returning to living rooms of Sydney, Australia


Sydney, Australia.

Television is about more relevant. Its music, its independent and its strangely
comedy. It\'s called \'In the RAW\' and its coming back to television for its second
season in October.

In the RAW is a fast-paced, edgy show with a comedy edge. The ethos behind it is to
give a face to emerging Australian musicians and allow them to be seen and heard.

In the RAW is a volunteer run project that is the brain child of a couple of
friends, Tom Norton, Sam Hughes and Sandy Cokayne, who thought they could easily
improve on the music TV currently available. They\'ve made it RAW, local and

Its first season began on the 22nd of May, 2006 on TVS (Channel 31, Sydney) and ran
for 13 episodes, which was considered very successful with lots of positive

\'But it hasn\'t all been an easy road,\' said Tom Norton, Producer and Director, 'when
we began we submitted a pilot for a music show, we didn\'t expect to receive a
contract to make comedy.\''

Sam Hughes, presenter on the show, said, \'The first thing I thought was what the
f**k are we meant to do with that?\' He went on to say that it made him realise that
it meant they could get away with anything, being offensive wouldn\'t a problem,
because if it is, they could just say, \'What? Don\'t you get it? It\'s comedy.\'

Some of the bands previously shown on In the RAW include Buck 65, The Exploders,
Liars, Tucker BS, The Red Paintings, The Silents, and loads more.

Tom Norton, Producer and Director, says, \"Next season is gonna to bigger and wilder.
A little bit more in the raw, you might say.\" When asked which bands will be
featured, he smiled and said, \'You should watch the show.

In the RAW returns on Monday, 30th October, at 9pm on TVS, Sydney\'s channel 31. Last
seasons interviews and footage are available for download and viewing on their

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