Investment in Infrastructure Leads to Growth in China Transportation

Released on = September 7, 2006, 11:22 pm

Press Release Author = RNCOS

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = From the past two decades, China is investing in
transportation sector and has gained accessible market, integrated domestic market,
low production and transportation rates and a competitive edge in domestic and
international arena.

Press Release Body = During the last 20 years, China has intensively invested in
public infrastructure. Such investment has proved profitable to the transportation
sector, as it has made the market more accessible, facilitated the domestic market
integration, lowered the production and transportation charges and made China a key
competitor, both at domestic and international levels. Besides this, it has rendered
assistance in reducing poverty by making services and economic opportunities

Infrastructure spending is a part of National poverty-mitigation program. Since
1990s, especially the 10th five-year plan, investment in transportation by Chinese
government has increased manifold, courtesy, its proactive fiscal policy to propel
economic growth and reduced poverty through transportation. The number and quality
of rural highways has been uplifted. Almost all important cities in China are
connected by highways indicating that highways are most widely used mode and thus
are an important tool in boosting economy and reducing poverty in rural China.

To reach the level of infrastructure at par with the western world, China has
started a 31 billion Yuan highway construction program. A contribution of 16.7
billion Yuan has been done by the Central government and the rest to be borne by
local governments.

The recent report by RNCOS, “China Transportation Sector Analysis
(2006-2007)” finds that China is one of the major developing country in Asia
with a population over 1.3 billion (2005). More than 55% of passengers use road as
the mode of transportation while railway and aviation sectors share 34.7% and 9.2%

Other area covered and key questions answered in the report are:

- Future outlook of Chinese transportation industry
- Opportunities and challenges facing the transport industry
- Forces driving the Chinese transport industry

RNCOS industry research report on “China Transportation Sector Analysis
(2006-2007)” gives a wide research and concrete analysis of the Chinese
transport sector. It also helps clients in analyzing the favorable chances crucial
to the future success of Chinese transportation industry. Detailed analysis and data
will help potential customers to have a through understanding of this growing
Chinese transportation sector.

About RNCOS:
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global business information for industry research, corporate training, growth
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