Mirage launches Multimedia Edition

Released on = September 13, 2006, 6:51 am

Press Release Author = Mirage Computer Systems GmbH

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Content and Copy Protection, Evaluation for Flash, PDF, PPT,
Word, Video, Audio

Press Release Body = Licence Protector Multimedia Edition was updated
with some major enhancements like:

* New Premium Version for power users. Price reduction for Standard Version to 145
EUR / 175 USD
* Multimedia Player available in 10 languages
* Support for MP3 files with music player
* Support of PPT or PDF files with hyperlinks
* Quick introduction help at the program starts offers solutions for frequently
asked questions and quick access to the Knowledge Base
* New menu creator to make personal menus

Find out more about Multimedia Edition: http://www.multimedia-edition.com

Web Site = http://www.multimedia-edition.com

Contact Details = Address: Auf der Steige 12, Aulendorf

Phone Number: + 49 700/54885342
Email: pad@mirage-systems.de

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