Released on = September 27, 2006, 9:11 am

Press Release Author =

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Investor put up $250,000 to make patented product. Offers
all the sales profit to get investment back. Product sells at 1000% markekup or
more. First news article got full page in major paper and 11,000+ responses.

Press Release Body = After investing $250,000 in tieing up rights for a patented
fishing lure product Research Director Mike Scott challenged those who think they
can generate sales to keep all the profit. No pipe dream, SONARLURE.COM makes a
fishing lure system for commercial use that makes fish angry so they attack the
hook....and it uses NO BAIT! A leak of the story got full page treatment in the
Miami Herald, resulting in a flood of requests for a consumer version (11,282 in the
first hour crashed the mail server). Now, the firm has offered to give anyone who
can send e-mail, direct mail, or any other sales promotion ALL THE MONEY FROM SALES.
It sounds \"nuts\" but the maker just wants the continuing research and will give all
the money away. With over 1,000% profit on items, the ROI would be staggering if
saomeone knew how to tell the public about it. \"The playground is open\", Scott said.
The results of commercial testing confirm the effectiveness. Valdez Alaska fishing
has been \"poor\" since the oil spill. Now charter operator\'s there are filling their
boat with giant fish with the product. The Bimini Boston Whaler fishing tournament
was just won by a user who snuck it in. 212 pound fish for that winner. It\'s a put
up or shut up market but for those who know how to market...huge profits are just
sitting there. Offers shluld be directed to

Web Site =

Contact Details = Mike Scott Director of Research (407)
880-7919 Box 779 Plymouth,FL 32768-0779

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