PhotoLicence com to still innovate

Released on = September 20, 2006, 9:11 am

Press Release Author = B. Albiges /

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = PhotoLicence, the French standard reference for online sale
and purchase of royalty free stock photos unveils its new visual, as well as the
global photograph search's new marvel : Image Explorer, the image market's most
efficient search tool.

Press Release Body = Image Explorer : a modular tool

Embedded in as a module, Image Explorer is an innovative and
intuitive tool, made up from several search bricks, allowing you - among other
choices - to filter the database by key words, size, resolution, shape, and
eventually, color.
This new search engine, openly designed by and for professionals, is of a particular
interest for those whose queries are like a flower picture with yellow dominance,
with an A4 size, and 72 dpi .
With Image Explorer, this query now can be done in a few seconds in an user-friendly
way, with an increased pertinence and speed never seen before on such interfaces.

An openly user-oriented approach

In each search step, advanced web technologies like AJAX allow the user to know how
many pictures match its particular demand, and then to display them in real time.
Coupled to personalised CD-Rom management, Image Explorer allows PhotoLicence to
improve the quality of service for its users and to strengthen its position as the
most innovative in the current royalty free stock photo market.

Web Site = http://www.

Contact Details = Benoit Albiges
41bis rue Abbe Gregoire
38000 Grenoble France
Tel : +33 4 76 21 35 47
Fax : +33 4 76 21 20 06

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