Skip the Dentist - Dental Lab Gives Public Teeth Whitening at Wholesale Cost

Released on = September 25, 2006, 4:11 pm

Press Release Author = David M. Bresnahan

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = is a web site that offers teeth
whitening products directly to the public. The company, located in Los Angeles,
provides detailed information at their web site.

Press Release Body = Los Angeles, Calif. -- The same dental lab used by dentists who
offer teeth whitening services is now available directly to the public.

The teeth whitening process is easy to do at home, using the same system dentists
use in their office.

\"Thanks to an exciting new advance in dental technology, professional teeth
whitening is so incredibly simple that anyone can buy from the dental lab and avoid
going to a dentist for expensive treatments. This is the same system that dentists
all over the country offer,\" said Matt Brock of

Using the teeth whitening system at home instead of going to a dentist brings the
same results with one big difference - cost.

\"By going lab-direct you easily save hundreds compared to going to a cosmetic
dentist for the exact same results. The real difference is that we send you the
impression trays and you return them back to us instead of a doctor doing this for
you from his office.\" explained Brock.

Teeth Whitening is a bleaching process that lightens discolorations of tooth enamel.
Dental bleaching systems use an effective whitening solution retained in a
custom-fitted mouthpiece that is worn over the teeth. The whitening gel is
formulated with 22 percent carbamide peroxide, which is the most widely used and
most desirable active ingredient in effective dental bleaches.

\"The custom fitted tray is an inconspicuous appliance designed to hold the whitening
gel in place and fits comfortably over the teeth. The whitening gel removes stains
with a gentle oxidizing action that acts upon the stained organic deposits on teeth,
oxidizing them to a whiter color. This process makes the overall tooth color closer
to its natural unstained color. Your tooth structure remains unchanged,\" said Brock.

\"It\'s simple and an age old strategy,\" explained Brock. \"We eliminate the middle man
-- the dentist. Therefore, we can provide our clients with the same professional
teeth whitening systems that cosmetic dentists offer, guarantee the results, and
save you time and hundreds of dollars. Your smile and your wallet will thank you.\"

Web Site =

Contact Details = Matt Brock

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