How they generated over 1732 leads in 90 days without buying leads

Released on = October 24, 2006, 5:54 am

Press Release Author = Joe LoBalsamo-Marketing Success

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = There are many ways to build lead list without having to buy
them. What if you can build a list of people who already have experience in your
industry. How much more effective would it be for you to build a successful

Press Release Body = The system I am speaking of is called magnetic sponsoring.
These individuals in my opinion have much to teach anyone who is spinning there
wheels building a home based business. I would be what you would call a master
prospector when it comes to calling the cold lead market but even for me I started
seeing no more value in that tactic any more. So I searched the net for other ways
to become successful in my business and that\'s when I found magnetic sponsoring. It
helped me in a big way when it comes to prospecting for my business. It will do the
same for you as well.

You will learn how you can fund your advertising
cost and at the same time building a list of valuable leads for you to work in the
The reality is that the lead is paying you and now you have a high quality prospect
for your business. I\'m sure you can see the value in this.

My name is Joe LoBalsamo and have been in the industry for 4 years now. It\'s a great
industry anyone can be successful at it if they learn the right skills to be more

This lead generation system and course will teach you many valuable skills to build
a successful leads list without going broke on
buying cold leads from lead companies.

Start having other network marketers chasing you down to learn more about you and
your business right away.

You can start learning about these concepts at the web site.

You deserve success

Web Site =

Contact Details = Joe LoBalsamo-2822 elmwood ave,Buffalo NY

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