New Generation is turning to Lesbian and Gay

Released on = October 11, 2006, 4:55 am

Press Release Author = Marina John

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Unemployment, fascination and need of money convert the new
generation to the lesbian and gay.

Press Release Body = Need of money; make you to do anything. In western countries,
need of money make collage students lesbian and guy. Homosexuality, activity has its
own space in the society. Some celebrities have their relation ship with this
society but it is hidden. This society contains many people.
Mr. David Brown, cro of added "There are a number of young
people in high schools experiencing domestic violence. It statistically can be as
low as one in eight students will experience violence in a dating relationship
before they graduate."
Professional lesbian, gay is earning quite good money. Many high level officers and
bosses using their money power and position in society force to convert them the
lesbian or gay. Many cases are got registered and then files are closed from victim
because he/she is professional lesbian/gay. The society and money force new
generation to the new society of homosexuality.
Some lesbian and gays are imported from Asian countries. Mid-Asian countries some
people are executed because homosexual. Asian countries have many problems like
poverty, population, unemployment; so they come in this profession. Western
countries are market place for this profession. Film industry also very much
fascinate to the collage students. The Many film producers are using them in films.
They are used in pornography films. This fascination of film turn student,
strugglers to professional lesbian and gay.
Some people are naturally homosexual and some people become homosexual for money,
name and the list goes on and on.
We actually believe in "character and for his integrity of a person and should focus
on the issues instead of focus on liability." The ratio of homosexual is increasing
more than normal sexual in society. This should matters seriously to the society
values. Homosexuality is natural thing so respect that don't misuse.
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Company Address: - New York, NY 55340
Company Contact: - 320 420 4099

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