President Bush Caught On Video Flipping The Bird

Released on = October 29, 2006, 11:13 pm

Press Release Author = Raymond McNally

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Our beloved president was caught on video flipping the bird
but it\'s hard to tell if it was meant for the public or just a \"joke\".

Press Release Body = President Bush may or may not be a good president. He may have
made some good and some bad choices, but either way he has done some interesting
things that have been caught on video.

People all over the world have been talking about the things President Bush has done
but almost no one has seen the \"finger\" video.

Yes, President Bush was caught on video tape flipping the bird.

Was this meant for the citizens of the US? Was it meant to be a joke? Who knows
but it did happen and it is something the people of the USA just don\'t need to be
seeing from the guy who runs our country right now.

The video in question was found online and it shows us that our President has a side
to him that is either a comedic relief or possibly a side that thinks we\'re all \'not
worthy\' of his time and effort.

Either way, the President giving the finger on video is not a good thing to be seen.

Raymond McNally from the website found and posted the
video for the world to see.

\"I think the world should see this side of the President. If the guy is going to
try a get re-elected the world should see that he\'s either a fun going guy or a man
that just flat out looks at his position as a job and nothing else\", says Raymond of

Is this action something that US citizens should take into consideration or is it
something we should all laugh at and move on with life.

The choice is up to the public.

The video in question can be found online at:

Raymond is asking the world for their opinion on this video and has a \'comments\'
system in place so people can share their thoughts and feels on the website to be
seen and discussed by all.

For more information visit:

Web Site =

Contact Details = Raymond McNally,, 512-246-6370

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