The Voice Magazine Launches Commentary Department

Released on = October 19, 2006, 12:33 pm

Press Release Author = Revelation Media Networks

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = The Voice magazine has changed its tagline to better
describe its content mandate to the nations of the world.

Press Release Body = Hallandale Beach, FLA. (October 13, 2005) - The Voice magazine
has launched a new section for readers who want prophetic insight into issues going
on around the world and in the Church.

The new Commentaries department is an editorial platform for people who are
passionate about issues impacting our readers. From credit card interest rates to
Harry Potter to voting and much more, The Voice is dedicated to tackling some tough
issues - and providing perspectives from God's ambassadors on the topic.

"The Church should be a voice of governing authority. The Church should offer
insights into what's happening in the world. The Church should stand up for
righteousness and let the truth be known," said Jonas Clark, publisher of The Voice
magazine. "The Voice magazine is offering a platform for Christian voices who have
something to say about what's going on in the world - and in the Church."

The Voice magazine will launch this new department with an editorial that compares
the Canaanites to credit merchants today, along with an insightful look at the
purpose of the prophetic ministry. The column is designed to raise awareness of
issues that impact Christians' every day lives - and which may impact the future of
the Church - and offer guidance from godly men and women into these issues.

As its name suggests, The Voice magazine\'s purpose is to provide a platform for the
apostolic voice. The magazine provides articles that deal with issues facing
apostolic and prophetic believers, present day truth about spiritual warfare,
prayer, deliverance, the kingship and priesthood of all believers, building
governing churches, evangelism, apostolic and prophetic team ministry, the
believer\'s authority, equipping and sending believers into the harvest field, and
much more. Visit The Voice magazine online at

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