Why Are You Here - Right Now

Released on = October 18, 2006, 7:05 am

Press Release Author = Steve Kantor

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = One Thousand People Collaborate to Create World\'s First
Crowdsourced Book

Press Release Body = Why Are You Here - Right Now?
One Thousand People Collaborate to Create World\'s First Crowdsourced Book

\"Why Are You Here - Right Now\" is the first book written based on the
collective wisdom of one thousand people. YRUHRN announces an ebook
and paperback which a crowd of people dreamed, wrote, designed,
edited, marketed and published in 50 days. YRUHRN is based on
hundreds of people answering the question, \"Why Are You Here - Right
Now\" via the Amazon service, Mechanical Turk.

Bethesda, MD (Lifebushido - YRUHRN) October 12, 2006 -How would you
answer this question.Why Are You Here - Right Now? One month ago a
group of individuals started a project, YRUHRN, to publish a book
written with the use of crowdsourcing and creative efforts of
entrepreneurs working from their homes. In just 10 days, almost
1,000 people from all over the world answered the question, \"Why Are
You Here - Right Now\" for a penny on Amazon\'s Mechanical Turk.

Today that book is a reality and available at http://www.yruhrn. com.
A free ebook version is also at http://www.lulu. com/content/ 447946
and paperback for $19.95 at http://www.lulu. com/content/ 457464. One
third of the profits from YRUHRN will be donated to children affected
by Hurricane Katrina by providing holiday gift cards in December 2006.

YRUHRN is based on the big global city of the Internet and a crowd of
strangers. The book gives us all a voice to share together and to
listen to other voices. They are the voices of mothers, the voice of
fathers, the voices of students, the voices of business people, and
the voice of the crazy guy that stands on the corner every day.
Something about this question seemed to speak to everyone.

\"Why Are You Here - Right Now\" is written by one thousand people and
created by Ishidos, a self-named group of creative work-at-home
people, primarily stay-at-home- moms. The making of YRUHRN has been
open source to the public and has utilized tools such as Amazon\'s
Mechanical Turk, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, Technorati, Yahoo Groups,
Joomla, and other web services. Mechanical Turk allowed YRUHRN to
find hundreds of people and pay them a penny each to write an answer
to the question.

We all have similar life experiences and we are also all unique
individuals. With this one question we hope to create a catalyst for
caring and connection for all of our unique talents. Do you have a
story to contribute? Join us at http://www.yruhrn. com.

YRUHRN is a book and growing project involving over one thousand
people around the world (http://www.yruhrn. com). YRUHRN is a project
of Lifebushido (http://www.lifebushido.com).

Steve Kantor
questions@yruhrn. com
http://www.yruhrn. com


Web Site = http://www.yruhrn.com

Contact Details = Steve Kantor

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