Kansas Web Designer No 1 in the World, According to Recent Survey

Released on = November 7, 2006, 6:26 am

Press Release Author = LogicMaze WebDesigns

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Hutchinson, Kansas October 26 - LogicMaze WebDesigns was
recently proclaimed number one web design/internet marketing company in the world by
an in-office survey.

Press Release Body = The six-person staff at LogicMaze WebDesigns
(http://www.logicmaze.com) has plenty of cause for celebration lately, after
recognition for their many accomplishments and abilities in their field. The results
of a recent in-office survey have proclaimed LogicMaze WebDesigns number one in the
world and a close runner up to number one in the universe: "Tom, the Myspace.com
guy," who was written in.

"It's like we're better than everybody else, and it's so great that we can finally
give ourselves the recognition that we deserve from ourselves," said Mitchell
Hargrave, Project Manager at LogicMaze.

The victory was a near landslide, at 4 to 2 in favor of LogicMaze. The outcome
seemed bleak for a short time, however, after some complications with the absentee
ballot from one of the employees, who works from home in McPherson. After five
requested recounts, the results were finalized and the celebration commenced.

"I can't even read!" exclaimed Anthony D'Alessio, completely off subject.

When asked how he planned to celebrate this accomplishment, Project Designer David
Planthold simply said, "I'm going to Taco Bell. . .," he then continued ". . .no,
seriously, I'm gonna get some lunch, but you're in my way."

Cody Heitschmidt explained that this major victory will not go to LogicMaze's
collective head. They intend to remain humble and true to their
small-to-medium-sized business clients, for whom they concentrate largely on quality
of service. The money from the first place victory will be spent on things to help
with production and streamline operations: for instance, an ottoman for Cody's
office, to take preventative measures against having to replace his desk in the near
future and save his chair the strain of remaining in such a reclined position the
majority of the time.

Tamara Heitschmidt, who started LogicMaze was asked to comment on the situation, but
declined. She explained that she will not report to anything of a "lesser social
importance than Time, New York Times and Highlights."

About LogicMaze:

LogicMaze WebDesigns was started around seven years ago from home by Tamara
Heitschmidt, who started designing web sites for small and medium sized local
business. Shortly after, Cody Heitschmidt joined to handle sales and marketing. The
company has grown into a staff of six and their own office since and now handles a
large amount of web design, maintenance, logo design, hosting, internet marketing
and traditional marketing for a long list of clients.

Additional news, and information about LogicMaze is also on their blog

Web Site = http://www.logicmaze.com

Contact Details = LogicMaze WebDesigns
1021 N Main Suite B
Hutchinson KS, 67501
(620) 307-0070

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