Magnetic Sponsoring Revolutionizes Network Marketing Industry

Released on = November 6, 2006, 6:03 pm

Press Release Author = David Schwind

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Network Marketers can generate their own free leads using
the art of Magnetic Sponsoring, allowing them to attract prospects to them instead
of chasing them down. A revolutionary break through by author Mike Dillard.

Press Release Body = What is all the commotion going on in the network marketing
industry? What is this Magnetic Sponsoring?

Well thats a question many networkers are asking in the industry today because of
all of the \"buzz\" on the internet. So what is it? Well its a book written by author
Mike Dillard, about a \"new\" network marketing philosophy he says \"changed his life\".

But Magnetic Sponsoring is more than a book, it\'s a new philosophy in the mlm
industry. It really goes against everything a person is taught in network marketing
as far as how to build a business.

David Schwind- a current network marketer, read magnetic sponsoring about a year
ago. And was very pleased with what he learned. He says \"Mike Dillard truly
delivers. Not only did I learn how to really develop the mindset of a leader, but
also how to create endless free leads and get paid to do it. I personally endorse
this course and think any networker would benefit greatly from the knowledge it

After executing the strategies and tactics in magnetic sponsoring, David Schwind now
uses these methods to generate dozens of free leads daily for his primary MLM, and
says he teaches his team how to do the same.

The book really is a great way to qualify someone as a \"good prospect\" and potential
business partner. It also comes with its own lead generation system where the
networker can use the provided website, advertise it- creating leads for themselves,
and then recieve commisions on the Magnetic Sponsoring books sold- allowing them to
recouple there advertising costs, and therefore getting those leads for free or with
a profit.

This is supposedly the same system Mike Dillard used to build his MLM into a
$250,000 business within just 4 months. Mike Dillard discovered the strategies of
magnetic sponsoring and went from waiting tables to making 30k a month in less than
a year at the age of 27.

Magnetic Sponsoring is only available through previous course owners. However, more
info can be found on the website below.

Web Site =

Contact Details = David Schwind
P.O. Box 2231
Vacaville, Ca, 95696

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