New Powerful and Ultra Fast Media Player from DigiMode

Released on = November 18, 2006, 7:06 am

Press Release Author = DigiMode

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = The New and unique DigiMode X media player, plays audio and
video files and more

Press Release Body = A New and very small in download size, software program called
DigiMode X is released for free download and free use with absolutely no adware or
spy ware. The little program has great media search capabilities and special feature
called one click album creation, as well as a fantastic visualizer that runs on the
back of the panel when the button \'Saver\' is pressed. the saver has about a trillion
variations and it has a special setting screen.
Upon checking the program I noticed that it does not require installation or
uninstallation. you may run the downloaded 850K file and upon first use the program
makes a copy of itself on the Start Menu. also a blank folder called DigMode will be
created on the disk that you execute the program on. So, if you download DMX10.exe
and save it to your D drive, and execute it there, you will find a folder called
DigiMode on your D drive, Inside this folder the program stores playlists and auto
saves its playlist when it is shot down. So is the case if you run the program from
the C drive. The one you run on a particular drive does not automatically access
playlists on anther drive. A great convenience for thos who have thousands of music
and video files, not to mention photos, which DigiMode X can load in thousands.
The program is offered for Free download and use, but this version you download is
Audio capable only. When you access Video, Photo, DVD, VCD, Audio CD, or Equalizer,
you will be prompted to download the Pro version. So with this download you are able
to play your Audio files, like mp3 and ogg files, however, I find the program
beautiful and useful anyway.
DigiMode X is available for immediate download at:
For those who can not upload or download exe files directly a rar pack at:

Web Site =

Contact Details = Address: -, -

Phone Number:

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