Secret way to contact billionaires

Released on = November 13, 2006, 11:42 am

Press Release Author = Ben Henry Campbell

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = Now you can contact and communicate with billionaires with
the use of a secret computer diskette published by website:

Press Release Body = If, you have ever attempted to get the mailing addresses
and/or telephone numbers of billionaires, then, you know that its not easy to do and
under normal conditions, you simply can\'t get \"contact info\" for most billionaires.
Now a unique website solves that problem, because, they publish a computer diskette
containing complete \"contact information\" for 450 U.S. Billionaires.
The publishing of the 2007 Edition (3rd Annual Edition) of the diskette was
announced and explained on the website at:

The diskette is discribed on the website as containing mailing addresses and
telephone numbers of 450 U.S. Billionaires (Everyone listed in the FORBES
magazine 400 Billionaires Edition is included). The website claims that this is
all the information you would need to communicate with U.S. Billionaires. The
diskette can be used by just about anyone on their desktop computer. Just insert
the diskette in your computer disc-drive, open thbe files, and examine and use
the information. It\'s simply that easy to communicate with billionaires.
For additional information visit the website at:


Web Site =

Contact Details = Ben Henry Campbell
Tel: 323-573-2501

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