Sterling Management Consulting Sends North Carolina OD`s September Income Up 73 percent

Released on = November 3, 2006, 2:51 pm

Press Release Author = Sterling Management

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Sterling Management Systems' in-house consultation helps
shoot North Carolina OD, Valerie Colborn's September stats up 73%

Press Release Body = Lillington, N. C. (Sterling Management Sends O.D. Income
Soaring 70%) 2 November 2006-"Our September Gross Income shot up 73% over the same
month in 2005 thanks to a Sterling Management representative, and a unique Sterling
Management service tailored to meet the needs of a Sterling Management client to
help them gain control of their practice by aligning the efforts of owner and staff,
and locating and handling anything keeping a practice from expanding into higher
ranges of efficiency and affluence.

Ms. Colburn put it this way: "Before our Sterling Management office visit, we had
the idea that Autumn was always bad for optometry in rural North Carolina. "We're a
farming community. They hang tobacco in the fall. Everybody's getting ready for the
State Fair. Nobody buys glasses rather than buy a kid a Christmas present." We had
all kinds of reasons, but none resolved the year-end slump that was slowly sinking
us. The practice was growing 10% a year, but expenses were growing by 12%! We were
just dogpaddling. It took a Sterling Management representative to help us discover
the "Real Why" for this, and send September stats soaring.

"The Sterling Management representative helped us to discover what was blocking our
success, and to implement the exact Sterling Management administrative technology
designed to handle it. The results of this Sterling Management solution have been
real good. I was just looking at my graph. Since we had the consultation, our stats
have been sharply up every month over the same month last year! The Communication
Center and Battle-Plan ideas that our Sterling Management Systems representative
presented, put everything into plain, clear, definite terms. My staff now knows
exactly what I expect of them, what they need to do. Everybody in the practice is on
the same page since our Sterling Management in-house consultation.

"We were really excited to implement the whole Sterling Management program. Then I
had to take five days off to handle a family emergency. Our Stats for the month were
still up over last year!"

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