The Invisible Invasion of Extremist Groups

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Press Release Summary = Author W.G. Van Dorian practiced law in the Netherlands,
with clients accused of terrorism. He heard of the insidious global takeover they

With increasingly bold terrorist acts, and the murders of two prominent citizens,
the country was no longer a safe and open speech haven.

Van Dorian decided to speak out. In his terrifying fiction thriller, The Invisible
Invasion, the Radicals launch their plan - global control of ordinary citizens. One
has to ask - how much is really fiction?


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The Invisible Invasion of Extremist Groups

South America (TheHotStory PR), November 27, 2006 - Van Dorian's recently released
fictional thriller, The Invisible Invasion brings to light an issue that concerns us
all. The plot centers around an extremist group, known as The Radicals, whose
mission is to finish what they consider left-over business from previous war. As
part of an insidious global takeover, The Radicals set up secret cells in strategic
locations around the world in preparation for this chilling secret war.

What is scary about this fictional novel is that Van Dorian has based his writing on
his own true life experiences. Raised in a family with chilling recollections of
internment in a Japanese concentration camp during World War II, Van Dorian
developed a deep understanding of basic human rights.

Not surprisingly, Van Dorian chose as a career to practice law, specializing in
immigration and criminal law. The majority of his clients were individuals with
ties to extremist groups and who were charged with terrorist acts. He recalls one
client who was accused of plotting to throw a hand grenade at a group of marching
American soldiers. The client vehemently denied the charges and Van Dorian found
himself on the front page news. He says, "In the end, there was insufficient
evidence to convict the man. However, this did not stop the man from screaming in a
tirade that Islam would change everything."

Van Dorian had access to shocking information, things not normally revealed to
outsiders. He states, "I\'ve heard a couple of times from them when I gained their
trust that they were simply waiting for a majority through immigration and forced
conversion in Europe to take over, violently if need be."

Van Dorian witnessed the power of this force in Europe as the extremists ultimately
knocked down resistance from 'ordinary citizens' and obtained what they wanted.

9/11 proved to be the turning point as far as an increasing boldness of attacks. In
the Netherlands, the subsequent murders of two prominent public figures served to
increase the fear amongst its citizens.

In 2002, popular right-wing politician Pim Fortuyn (slated to be the next President
of the Netherlands) was murdered by a left-wing activist. Fortuyn, open about his
homosexuality, had been ousted out of his original party for anti-Islamic
statements, referring to Islam as a \"backward religion\" for its treatment of women
and gays. He also believed that Muslims and other immigrants who refused to accept
and live within Dutch values were a threat to freedom. General sentiment was that
Fortuyn was killed simply for stating what he believed.

Shortly afterwards, filmmaker and social critic, Theo Van Gogh, was ritually
slaughtered by a Moroccan Islamic extremist, in response to Van Gogh's recently
produced film detailing the abuse of women in the Islamic world.

In the wake of all this uproar, one of the most terrifying comments that Van Dorian
heard was: "Just wait until there are enough of us and we'll be the boss around

With that, Van Dorian felt it was time for his own expression. However, there was a
cost to his decision. Fearing repercussions from extremist groups, especially given
the murders of Fortuyn and Van Gogh, he left his native country and moved to South

The Invisible Invasion is the first book in the series The New World Order. Part
two of The New World Order is planned to be released around August 2007. Van Dorian
is currently making preparations for his third novel.

Although the books in the series are written as fiction, they present an all too
terrifyingly real possibility. and one that many believe is already happening.

Distributed by Wiseman Publishing
360 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); Novel; catalogue #06-1747;
ISBN 1-4120-9990-0; US$23.99, C$27.59, EUR19.71, 13.79

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