12 Earth God form MOffY licensing

Released on = December 4, 2006, 7:16 am

Press Release Author = MOffY

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = MOffY Limited announce the cooperation with Zisin Inc to
bring a series of cutie characters - 12 Earth Gods to China market.

Press Release Body = The 12 Earth Gods are based on the Chinese zodiac. The cutie
features and the zodiac identity of the 12 Earth Gods appeals to different segment
of the market.
Along with the 12 Earth God earlier arrivals at China's mobile entertainment market,
12 Earth God is now available to all manufacturer, marketer, and services
industries. Currently, mobile game, wallpaper, animation, theme, are already wide
available in China, South East Asia, and Europe. The 12 Earth Gods digital contents
are already available from MOffY at various telecom services and SP services.
According to Zisin's CEO Mr. Choi, we are glad to see the opportunity of licensing
especially in the China enormous market, and we have confident that the 12 Earth God
will bring add-value to different products and services.

12 Earth Gods characters' push toys and products have appeared in TV series and
various products show.

Ms. Hellen Zheng, the Business Manager of MOffY in Shanghai claims that the cutie 12
Earth Gods will be a new icon for the young and savvy generation's market. Young
adults and ladies are the main targets of the 12 Earth God merchandise.
12 Earth Gods desktop wallpaper and flash are available for free downloads.

MOffY is 12 Earth God world wide licensing agent, and exclusive licensing agent in
China and Hong Kong.

For licensing opportunity and marketing cooperation with MOffY please contact the
representative or your existing contacts.

About Zisin Inc.

About MOffY Limited
MOffY incorporated in Hong Kong has been in mobile contents development,
distribution, publishing, licensing and consultation since 1999. MOffY Limited is
the worldwide license agent of 12 Earth Gods.

Licensing of the 12 Earth Gods is open to all sorts of manufacturer, merchandise,
service, marketing gifts, printed articles, promotion and event marketing.


Web Site = http://licensing.moffy.com

Contact Details = Hong Kong and South China
Ms. Amy Hui amy@moffy.com
+852 8340 4655 +86 20 38871620

North China
Ms. Hellen Zhang hellen@moffy.com
+86 137 0175 7041

Taiwan Other Markets
Mr. Alan Yung alan@moffy.com
+852 21741 1110

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