A web 2 killer app that can change your lifestyle

Released on = December 22, 2006, 3:26 pm

Press Release Author = N P

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Expand your social horizons with a new killer app. Now
PortalServer.net (http://portalserver.net) introduces a better way to manage your

Press Release Body = PortalServer.net now launches the next generation social
software portal that allows friends, co-workers, room-mates, colleagues, neighbors,
businesses to share a powerful new platform with no limits on productivity!

PortalServer.net offers a unique comprehensive set of features that allows a user to
integrate their social content and relationships into a single package, and
virtually turns their lifestyle into a fast moving productive virtual enterprise.

At PortalServer.net, one can choose photos, files, contacts, blogs, videos and more
to stay connected and help themselves be found on this great round watery planet.
PortalServer.net is loaded with features, almost every feature you have ever seen on
any web 2.0 site exists here. So why not, have a single login account and create
your profile once, and make use of all the features from one place?

Enjoy the slide shows and show your favorite memories to your friends and relatives.
You can use the powerful folksonomy based keyword system to help locate all the
information that you create and others create.

At PortalServer.net, you can watch your popularity grow by numbers relative to
others. It\'s the best place to know how important and useful you could be to
thousands of other people and vice-versa.

You will enjoy using the enterprise style search feature that allows you to search
for photos, people, contacts, blogs, files or any other content. Never ever live a
life of suspense, where you don\'t know what you don\'t know!

Registration is free, and you have access to virtually unlimited photos and
blogging. So visit the website http://portalserver.net now and start creating time
to improve the way you use it.

Web Site = http://www.portalserver.net

Contact Details = 3653 Santa Croce Ct
San Jose, CA 95148

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