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Press Release Summary = A revolutionary internet modeling agency is sponsoring a

Press Release Body = A revolutionary internet modeling agency is sponsoring an
exciting MODEL SEARCH. The exciting MODEL SEARCH is explained on the website at URL:

The internet modeling agency is seeking models to do modeling work for Ad
Agencies and Consumer Magazines in New York City. Models are not required to
reside in NYC, but, it can help.
Models need to be 5\'7\" or taller, slim figure, positive attitude, very
attractive, looklike a model, and have an intense desire to become a successful
Models are booked with photographers, Art Directors at Ad Agencies, with Editors
of magazines, and with Bookings Editors at magazines.
\"Bookings Editor\'s\" are persons who work for magazines and they\'re responsible for
getting models for the magazine. The \"Bookings Editor\" will contact modeling
agents, schedule models for auditions, hold the auditions, select the models,
contract with the agent and/or the model, brief the model about the modeling work,
even supervise the model at work, and later pay the model. Bookings Editor\'s are
often experts at modeling. Only big magazines like Conde Nast and Hearst magazines
employ Bookings Editor\'s to get them the models the need. Bookings Editor\'s hire
models for magazines.
If, you win this MODEL SEARCH, then, you will meet Bookings Editor\'s.
The internet modeling agency is seeking models with some experience, or with a
\'modeling portfolio\", or models who have graduated from a modeling school like
Barbizon and/or John Robert Powers.
To enter the MODEL SEARCH email your photo(s) to:

Visit the website at URL:


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