New book on Self Advancement

Released on = December 7, 2006, 8:43 am

Press Release Author = Chuck Philpott

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = "This book provides a fascinating perspective on today's
business "realities." It challenges modern myths and conventional thinking, and
sheds new insights into how things really operate. Better yet, it offers pragmatic
solutions to our current workplace morass. Anyone who wants to prosper by running a
business or working in one ought to read this book!"

Peter D. Bullard, Ph.D.
Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

Press Release Body = "GREAT NEWS! WE'VE SOLD THE COMPANY!" How long has it been
since you heard that phrase? You have probably heard it said not too long ago!
This announcement is usually great for stockholders and executives but not so great
for the long-term older employees of the company. What do the displaced older
employees do now? What employer would want an experienced, mature, reliable, and
honest employee that will give a full day's work for a full day's pay? These
authors "have been there and done that!"
This small team of corporate veterans from the disciplines of Marketing, Human
Resources, and Business Administration/Counseling put their personal corporate
experiences together and discuss a number of aspects of corporate life in their work
entitled "Great News! We've Sold The Company". This was written to help all
employees, both young and old, that may be displaced or "re-purposed" when a company
merges, downsizes, "re-invents" itself, moves to a foreign country or just closes
its doors.
The authors also include topics such as writing a Scannable Resume, writing a Resume
that will get attention, net-working, and corporate cultures. "We also included
information to help single parents understand how to enter the job force as a viable
candidate for employment and dressing for success. We also discuss current issues
in the workplace such as job stress, job satisfaction, depression, staying healthy,
and understanding what motivates people."
The authors discuss some of the good and bad management styles that are encountered
daily and the concept that bigger corporations may not necessarily be better when it
comes to being one of their employees. "We examined ethics and integrity and how an
employee can loose their code of ethics and be absorbed within the culture of the
institution in order to be seen as a team player."
The authors discuss why some people tend to discount their own abilities and
accomplishments and how obscure and seemingly insignificant events can affect
millions for generations. The authors give a new and better definition to the term
"average Americans"; discuss workplace mentoring, how long it will take to find
another position and getting on with living life to its fullest. They have also
included crucial information about locating and obtaining venture capital.

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Contact Details = Chuck Philpott
6553 S. Hudson Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74136

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